The perfect text editor doesn’t exist

Yes, you read it right, you can’t find one app which have all the features you want. I have personally learned if I start to compare several apps in the same area, for example podcast apps, RSS readers etc. I will just end up in endless searching and scrolling, wasting my time and energy for applications which doesn’t have all set of features on board.

Criteria for a good text editor

This part will be based on my subjective opinion.

  1. Accessibility This one will maybe sound obvious, but under accessibility I do not only mean support for VoiceOver, but also how easy it is to navigate in the app, how much time you need to spend to find out different editing tools and how much does the app costs?

  2. Keyboard shortcuts Today modern text editors for the most have powerful selection of keys combinations which can make it more enjoyable to write your text.

  3. Sync and platform options People have various needs. Someone can use a text editor only on Mac, and therefore the user might not be disappointed if it’s not available for iPadOS or Windows. Many users have multiple devices and people often look for cross platform solutions. If you’re only in Apple ecosystem and don’t need to collaborate with people outside, you will for the most find iCloud sync enough. However, if you’re not only a multiply device owner, but also use different platforms it can be more difficult to find something that suits you.

Different apps, different reasons to choose the right one

I will share my experience of using Ulysses on Mac. I have tried several text editors, but want to cover this one because it has some specific VoiceOver keyboard shortcuts which I haven’t yet discovered in other products.

When I first heard about Ulysses, I got the impression that it is a complex editor for professionals only. I have downloaded it on my Mac and was surprised how simple the app is, how intuitive it is to navigate around the interface if you have never used it before. On the left side you got your groups, it’s like a folder, but more flexible and have a ton of filter options. In the middle it’s a list of sheets and this is what they call files in traditional programs. And on the right side you have the editor. To switch between these 3 tabs you can use arrow keys or just VoiceOver keyboard shortcut VO + J. Another one of my favorite feature is to navigate with headings when you’re editing text. If you write in markdown you can simply press VO + command + H or VO + command + shift + H to jump through headings..

If you want a more informative review of Ulysses, drop a line bellow.


I don’t think that I have covered a lot of new perspectives in this post, but maybe it was useful for someone! I would enjoy if you wrote below in the comments your text editor of choice and some favorite features as well!


Ulysses Application

I have not used Ulysses before, but I have it on my mac. Is there a way you can do a podcast on it? As far as text editors, I use text or pages most of the itme. When I need to use windows, I use jart.

My thoughts

I've never used Ulysses, because it's paid and I don't know if you can test it for free. My choices by now are:

  1. Notebook, it's like evernote but you can actually use it with voiceover. I'm using it as a diary, and it might come handy for college notes and stuff.
  2. Drafts, because you can just open it and start writing. It's good for insights, but the free version limitations are a bit annoying for me.

You're almost right.

Hi. I agree you can't find the perfect editor. Then again, we can't find the perfect device. I like Mac, she likes windows, he likes Android, so to each his or her own solution. the one thing i will disagree about is the cross platform capabilities. Granted it would be a great world if we all used say Pages across the phone and Mac and Word would do fine in windows. but as long as there's such thing as comparable file types, I see no reason why if someone uses word, and i don't, i still wouldn't be able to open the file, make the changes i see fit, then send it back to the creator. Yes this takes time if formatting is stripped, but we'd run into that anyway. I never heard of Ulyssies, and I'm unwilling to put down money for an unknown application. Pages works for what I need it to, so does text edit. If I needed something more sophisticated, then I might check into something like it. Thank for the thought.


This is also a feature that should be available in a text editor.


Club AppleVis Member

ulises is great but there is not much aawarness sarounding it for VoiceOver users in particular. I hear about on podcast(s) such as Mac Power Users, but not enough mainstreem people use it. it'swith VoiceOver. a subscribtion, but as with all other subscribtions, theres a free tear. a podcast demenstrating it would be helpful, as most people who descrover AppleVis for the first time, say, getting their first mac, might not know enough to navagate to this post. and for experienced users, we'll have yet another tool we could use if we wanted.
thanks for this post,

I have written in depth

I have written in depth reviews of numerous writing apps on blind bargains which may be of use here. See the reviews of See the app on IA Writer:
Voice Dream Writer:
and Scrivener:

A review of Ulysses is forthcoming. If there are any other apps you want reviews of please let me know.


Scriviner seems really really nice. Pretty expensive though. Do you think it's worth it?

That depends on your use case

That depends on your use case. I outlined a lot of the pros and cons in the article of some use cases and reasons it might not be a good fit. I find that Voice Dream Writer and scrivener are probably the 2 that I reach for most often depending on the complexity of the project.

I want to make a correction on one thing.

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VO+H doesn't jump between headings, and neither does VO+Shift+H. I think you mean VO+command+H, and VO+Command+Shift+H. VO+H is Voiceover Help, and VO+Shift+H reads the help tag for an item. Be careful.