Podcasting production applications on Mac

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I need a podcasting production application and radio authhomation package for mac.

It has obviously to be accessible and needs to have these features:

1- Interface like or similar to bossjoke studio on IOS, where I can set one or more playlists and can easily activate them.
2- One chanel to voice.
3- One chanel to capture audio from other applications, such as skype for example or other applications.
4- It would be reallyy nice to have the miix of everything going to an specific audio device as a return chanel.
5- Integration to shoutcasting applications, although if it does not have such integration audio hijack can handle it nicely. Samething goes for audio recording. If it can do multi track recording good, otherwise audio hijack can at least do a recording.

This is needed because my podcasts will be produced more like a radio program than as parts that latter on will be edited.

Do you know of something like for mac?

Thank you!!



Submitted by KE7ZUM on Monday, February 23, 2015

Interesting. I just use amadeus for all of it. that is, I edit the music in and stuff after I do the speach parts. it goes a lot faster

Submitted by splyt on Monday, February 23, 2015

Nop ....

Nothing faster than you just say you're gonna play something and then activate a key that will play the song. No copying no cutting nothing else just make your play list go the way it should go