Question about moderating Zoom meetings using the Mac

macOS and Mac Apps

Hello AppleVis,
Do you have experience using Zoom Cloud Meetings on the Mac--particularly for hosting meetings? When I try to mute and unmute individual participants, VoiceOver seems to lose focus. I open the participants panel with COMMAND-U, press VO-J to get into the list of participants, down arrow or use first-letter navigation to find a particular user, and then press space or tab followed by space to mute/unmute. Sometimes, tab takes me to the mute button and sometimes it does not. Even if I get someone muted or unmuted, I still have trouble getting back into the participants list. Sometimes, I am able to press VO-J to get there, sometimes I can uninteract and then press VO-Left, and sometimes my cursor seems to be stuck. I know how to view the participants list and how to mute/unmute. I could even find a particular participant, interact, and then find the mute toggle as an alternative method for accomplishing the same task. The challenge though is speed and efficiency. I need to find a quick and reliable method for managing participants while hosting a meeting. My experience with Zoom and VoiceOver is the same with both Mojave and Catalina. Also, there does not seem to be a way of determining the order in which participants raise their hands. Apparently, it can be done on Windows, but I can't seem to figure it out on the Mac. On Windows, you can jump to the beginning of the participants list to know who is speaking or raising their hand using a Home command or using the Jaws cursor. If I use VO-Home on the Mac, I am taken to the beginning, but the name that displays doesn't change.
Any help you offer will be more than appreciated. Also, is there a tutorial for using Zoom with the Mac and VoiceOver? A few guides/podcasts exist for getting started with the Zoom iOS app and Zoom with Jaws, but my searches for a Mac tutorial have yielded no results thus far.
Thank you.