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Hello Applevis forum... I am new to the community but am very happy and proud to be a part of it. In any event I thought this would be a good place to ask about something that has been bothering me for about a month now. I've been noticing that when I'm using Safari, a large majority of the time Voiceover does not automatically interact with the HTML content. For example, as I navigated here to type this message I had to manually interact with the web pages every time I clicked a new link. When Safari has one of these fits I notice it really messes up google searches. I'll search for something and results will pop up fine, but clicking on a result brings me to some strange version of a google results page and clicking the results on this new page does nothing (even though they are clearly links, or labeled as clickable.) I have also noticed that this lack of automatic interaction with HTML content also happens in iTunes at times. For now resetting Safari seams to be a temporary fix, but the bug inevitably comes up again. In case it's relevant I am running the latest versions of everything. Thanks in advance for your help.



Submitted by Daniel on Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hi Blue Ord, indeed I have been noticing this too. Running Mountain Lion and latest Safari. What I do to solve this situation, although I find it annoying but there you go is to make sure that the two areas which are check boxes are checked. Safari, Preparences, Advance button and insure the check box is check called "press tab to highlight each item on a web page." Voiceover utility, navagation, and check the automatically interact when using tab key. By checking these options, when ever I encounter this bug, I hit the tab key a couple of times and then it kind of forces Voiceover to interact with the page. Just a side note, you may land on any elament e.g. a link or in a frame etc so just be aware of that. For me though once I've done this, usually I am just after the text and will use the heading command and if there are none just use the standard VO keys to drill furthur into the page that I am on. I would recommend you send an email to: If you haven't already done so and hopefully this will be fixed in a Safari update in the future. I suppose I should do so myself lol I admit it would be good if this would be fixed ASAP particularly for those who are new to the Mac and Voiceover but after all, computers and screenreader technology are not perfect. This is nothing compared to what issues I'm having with editing navagation with documents. I may post my problem to applevis to see if I gain any tips myself. Anyway hope this helps you. :)

Submitted by Greg T Kelchner on Monday, July 22, 2013

Hi Daniel, thank you so much for responding to my post. I appreciate your suggestions and have tried them out, but I think I'm going to continue the Safari reset method as this seams to temporally clear up the google search issues as well. I have just sent a detailed email to Apple Accessibility, as well as covering some other issues I've noticed (VO thinking some edit boxes are combo boxes and thus not letting me enter text, VO not recognizing the existence of imbedded video players on some webpages...) Hopefully these issues will be investigated. What issues have you been experiencing with editing? I have not had to do much word processing on the Mac since I just made the switch right after I Graduated college, but have been thinking about looking into various productivity apps should I need to be come more involved with word processing in the future. Be well, Blue Orb

Hello, I also contact Apple regarding this issue. Whether it gets fixed or not in the next release of OS X is beyond my knowledge, but I can assure you, the more people who contact them, the higher the priority for a fix will be.