Seeking to connect with blind people who use Sibelius Ultimate with VoiceOver

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Hi All,
If you use Sibelius Ultimate with VoiceOver, please respond. I'm hoping to connect with other blind Sibelius users, to find resources regarding learning Sibelius accessibility, and hopefully to find one or more users who would be willing to provide me with tutoring. I would of course be happy to compensate you for your time if you end up teaching me.
I have been using Logic Pro X on my iMac Pro for a few years now, and it works great, but my wife ends up being the one who transcribes my compositions into sheet music for sighted people. If I can learn how to use Sibelius Ultimate, I will be able to print my own sheet music and, smiling, give my wonderful wife a break!
Thank you,



Submitted by Mara on Sunday, October 25, 2020

I tried when it became accessible in 2019, to use Sebelius first, the free version. I was so looking forward to it but couldn't make it work.
Perhaps I can download again and we can learn together.

Submitted by Bruce Harrell on Sunday, October 25, 2020

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Hi Mara,
Great idea! My email is
I'm going to be buying Sibelius at the end of the year. The people who made Sibelius tell me there will be brand new documentation around the end of the year, a new manual that does a much better job for people using voiceOver. Once I have the new manual, I will get back to you, and at the very least I can send you a copy of the new manual and we can swap our notes and cheatsheets covering what we've each learned. That would be a great help.
Also, if I find someone who would be willing to tutor me, I'll definitely pass along any info and resources they tell me about. Smile. Thank you for responding!
Talk again in a couple months!