Seeking suggestions for navigating the Djay Pro App with the Pioneer ddj400

macOS and Mac Apps

For my folks who are djs, I just bought DJay pro from the Mac Appstore. I have been into mixing for a good while now, and although still at a beginner level, have finally been able to pick up the DDJ400 from pioneer to start using it with the Mac. I've used DJay on the iOS side, using just the touchscreen to mix for a few months now.
What I am trying to figure out though is what is the best way to navigate through your tracks in the DJay app. I have the VoceOver side figured out, and obviously don't have it going through the controller's output, but what I'm puzzled on is the best way to navigate through tracks without using VoiceOver. If there is a way to use VoiceOver how would you suggest using so? I've heard of many BVI DJs navigating without VoceOver. I have a playlist with about 30 or so songs configured in the Mac's Music app, I'm just trying to find an easier way to sort the tracks as well by BPM as well as browse my library if needed. The DDJ400 has a great feature which allows me to browse tracks with a knob and load the selected track onto either deck, but I"m mainly concerned about making longer jumps in BPM or needing to do transitions in a shorter amount of time that may be allowed.
Also, what is the best way to navigate the FX so you aren't randomly trying to stumble around trying different FX not knowing what they are? I know there is a way to browse them within the app and possibly select them, again just not sure of the best approach to take as a VoceOver user. My controller doesn't have the option to pre-load FX on separate decks as I have just the mixer section and you select whether you want the FX to go through either of the decks or through the master.
Lastly, isn't there a way to route your VoceOver and other sounds through the headphones portion of the controller, and if so, how is this done? I only see the main output of the controller when looking at VO utility or in the sounds portion of System preferences.
Any help is much appreciated.
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Submitted by Gus Pacleb on Sunday, August 9, 2020

Just as a follow-up, I did figure out how to filter by BPM but the songs in playlists don't seem to appear in order from lowest to highest BPM. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.