Several Questions from a Beginner Mac User

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Hi all,
I've recently switched from Windows to Mac, as discussed in a previous forum topic, and am loving it. However, I do have a couple of small queries which, whilst they aren't ruining my experience by any means, would be good to sort out.
1. I've discovered the Notification Centre, and configured a shortcut to access it from the keyboard. However, I can't work out how to individually dismiss a single notification. For example, if I have three notifications, and one of those three is from Facebook, how do I dismiss it individually, without either opening it or clearing all three notifications?
2. Is there a way, presumably in voiceOver Utility, to increase the change in VoiceOver speech pitch when a capital letter is typed? There is currently some change in pitch, but I would like something more pronounced personally.
3. Is there a way of turning off a MacBook Air's trackpad entirely? I'm using, and quite liking, trackpad commander, but do have the issue quite frequently where I hit the trackpad by mistake when typing. If I could turn it off, it would stop jumping the VO cursor all over the place when I brush my wrists over it by mistake.
4. Finally, is there a way of increasing the intonation of Voiceover voices when reading, for example, sentences with a question mark at the end? I would like a little more intonation if possible.

Thank you all in advance



Submitted by splyt on Tuesday, June 5, 2018

For solving question 3, press vo key and make a rotor gesture clockwize to enable trackpad and press vo key and make a rotor gesture in the oposit direction.
For question 4 press vo command shift and right or left arrows to access the voice configuration ring as they use to call it ... once you get to the setting you want to change use vo cmd shift up arrow ou down arrow to change the associated setting.

Thank you for these. In regards to question 3, I'm looking to turn off the trackpad entirely, so nothing at all happens when I touch it (by mistake). With VO trackpad commander off, I believe touching the trackpad acts in the same fashion as it would with VO disabled; I want it off completely.

Submitted by Justin on Tuesday, June 5, 2018

For the second question, the only options you have for capital letters are say "cap", play tone, change pitch, or do nothing. There is currently no way of saying how far you want the pitch to change when encountering a cap letter. The simplest way of accessing notification center, instead of using a keystroke is to open the menu extras menu, by pressing VO+M twice. scroll till notifications is displayed and VO space on it. In reguards to deleting notifications, I'm not sure if there's a way to remove individual notifications from the page. They'll just automatically be deleted after a while. Question three, as Splyt said, Use VO keys, or capslock, depending on which modifier keys you have enabled, and turn your two fingers like a dial, right to turn trackpad commander on, left to turn it off. There's no way of enabling/disabling the trackpad on a mac. There are two ways of changing VoiceOver's voice options. Option 1 is to change them in VO utility, accessed by pressing VO+F8. Or if you have a macbook with touch bar, then press VO+8, then find utility categories table and scroll down with down arrow till speech is displayed. Here's what I do if I want to change VO options. I then press VO+CMD+J to move by buttons or form fields/etc, then find edit button. VO space on that and you'll be put into a VO area where you can change voice, rate, pitch, volume, and intonation.
Option two is to use VO+Shift+CMD and arrows to control voice options. Please note, this is not as accurate as using VO utility, as everything is done in five percent incriments instead of a single percentage in VO utility.
HTH and good luck, and sorry for the novel like answer, I just thought I'd answer these as best as I can. :)