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My first question is a 2 part question both relating to interacting with the internet using Voice Over. My second question is about Voice Over following the cursor. and how to navigate by words.

The First part of my question relates to searching within a webpage to find specific content. I am trying to figure out the easiest way to search a webpage. For example when trying to find a specific topic on this website, as there are so many different topics even under the OSX and Mac Discussion list. I tried using VO F to find a specific word; however that did not help. I am not too familiar with the option of static text Would that be the easiest way to interact with a website and not have to arrow down and interact with every element on the page? I hope that this question makes sense.

The second part of my question is related to search engines. I find it very cumbersome to use Google as a search engine via Safari with Voice Over; However they seem to have the best results. I am wondering if there is a website specifically designed for Voice Over or blind users that takes out a lot of the unnecessary aspects of google without having to use google Chrome?

How I have Voiceover set up it seems that I can type without using the VO keys; however the Voice Over does cursor does not follow the keyboard cursor if that makes sense?
I currently have Quick Nav off and I can navigate through this message by characters and lines simply by pressing the arrow keys, but when I try to make a change I can not figure out where the cursor is in relation to voice over.

I hope that this make sense. For example the rectangular box that is appears on the screen I am not sure what it is called. That is above where I am typing now. I think that this might be the Voice Over cursor.

I have looked in the help section by pressing VO +H and when I try to use those commands such as to read by word it does not work. I I found the same thing when I tried to look for the next missspelled word using the command listed in the help section.

I hope that this makes sense and Thank you for your help.



Submitted by Marc on Thursday, April 14, 2016

If you want to find things quickly on web pages, try Item Chooser with VO I. Begin typing letters to filter the list or just press down arrow. VO space bar will take you to that object on the page. VO U will allow you to move quickly to links, headings, web spots, window spots, and other content. This takes a bit of practice but these can be very powerful tools.

As far as Google goes, it is quick accessible with VoiceOver. After typing in your search words and activating the search button, navigate by headings on the search results page. If quick nav is not enabled, use VO Command H (add shift to move in reverse) to navigate by heading. Press VO space bar on the result you want.