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I have recently got a Mac Book Air and am having an issue with Voice Over. When I do a FULL shut down and restart Voice Over will not start at the Login. I have turned this feature off and done a restart and tried to reset the settings but no luck. If however, I have Voice Over running and simply close the computer lid and open it back up it prompts me for the password and Voice Over is activated. So... how do you get Voice Over to start up automatically when you reach the Login Screen? Also if and when I do realize the computer is booted up to login I can hit CMD + F5 and Voice Over starts with no issue



Submitted by ray h on Friday, December 21, 2012

Go to your doc by pressing VO-D go to system preferences and press VO-space to activate press VO-right arrow until you are in the preference pane scroll area press VO-shift-down arrow to open press VO-right arrow until you hear accessibility button (you have to go through several options first) press VO-space and you should hear accessibility features table. if it is on voiceover then go to next step, if not open table with VO-down arrow and select voiceover press VO-right arrow until you hear Enable VoiceOver and make sure it says checkbox checked, if not, press VO-space to check the box hope this helps

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