voiceover user having trouble finding certain settings in pages for mac.

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Hi all,

I have been having great difficulty finding the setting to turn off hyphenations in pages. I found this setting very annoying because it would make words wrap to the next line, thus breaking up words when trying to read line by line with the arrow keys. when reading word by word or letter by letter this didn't happen. I found it annoying though when arrowing through my work to read and wanted to turn this setting off. Through posting previously on this forum, I was told to navigate to the toolbar and activate the document radio button, then find the hyphen checkbox and uncheck it. At first I thought this was the toolbar in preferences, but this was incorrect and I eventually worked out through exploring the menus there was another toolbar which had been hidden and I needed to show it. This second toolbar appeared in the main pages window, alongside the header and footer and formatter and the document layout area etc. I My main issue now that I've given the history and context, is I was finally able to find the document radio button on this toolbar and not the toolbar in pages preferences that I first thought. I was able to find this, but couldn't find the corresponding settings once I'd selected the document radio button. Very frustrated and confused, I asked my sighted sister to fix it for me and blissfully I can report that words that are too long for the end of a line just all show up on the next line in their entireity as they should have done all this time. So I'm happy it's fixed and appreciate the help, but it sounds like something I could have done myself but couldn't for some reason. The other person who assisted on another post gave the instructions so I'm guessing voiceover worked for them to find the setting. I tried using VO keys right arrow to move past the document radio button, and tried uninteracting with that section of radio buttons to see if the settings would show up but they don't. I am using the latest version of mac OS catalina, 10.15.3 and the latest version of pages as I have automatic updates turned on. pages version version 8.2.1 build 6529

2013 macbook air.
If anyone is able to explain perhaps why I can't find those settings myself with voiceover and how I might fix this please, I will be most grateful. If you could please provide clear detailed step by step instructions to make sure I don't miss anything and ensure I know exactly where to go and what to look for, that would be most appreciated. Thanks kindly for reading and I look forward to hearing from you soon.