MacPaw developer here - seeking feedback and suggestions for improving the accessibility of CleanMyMac

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Hello, my name is Volodymyr and I'm from MacPaw, developer of CleanMyMac application.

At the moment we're working on the accessibility functionality of the application itself. We are thinking to add Dictation functionality to it, so the application can be used with dictation features, and we will be glad to know if that feature is useful and if anyone uses it not only for the messaging applications but for the software also.

Your feedback is really appreciated :)

All the best,


A few feedback suggestions

Hello Volodymyr. First off, I have been using clean my Mac for awhile and like it very much. One area that I would like to see improvement is the ways in which you interact with the tables to clean, maitenance, shredder, etc. After you select clean for example, then you have another table that is dimmed while scanning. Maybe a scroll area would be a little more helpful that way you don't need to interact with each table while you are doing various tasks. If there could be a better explanation of the maitenance scripts tasks that would help too. I realize some of this may be in help and i have not found it. If I am in the wrong, excuse that. Maybe for instance if it is emptying DNS cash, it could say junk files from your Internet history, or whatever. The last thing, I personally wouldn't use dictation. I realize i am only one person, someone else may feel differently. Other then those suggestions, I can't see to much more which need work. Thanks for a great app. It caught Mac cleaner pro that I accidentally installed the other day. Have a good day,

Siobhan, thanks a lot for

App Developer

Siobhan, thanks a lot for your valued feedback!

Yes, at the moment we're working on various improvements and we will definitely need community help on that.

I'm going to create a separate topic on that to hear all the feedbacks on the interaction with the application.


My 2 cents

I agree with the previous poster about voice dictation - it's simply not something that I would use.

I also agree that the main interface of the application could be more intuitive and easier to use with VoiceOver. The use of tables is confusing in places - particularly when VoiceOver feedback when navigating some of these will be to say “dimmed”, and only if you interact with that screen element will you find that it actually contains something.

There have also been a few occasions where selecting a checkbox hasn't worked as expected.

One final area that needs some TLC is the CleanMyMacX Menu bar, where VoiceOver will speak “1 of 7”, “2 of 7” and so on as you move focus through it. Again, it's only when you interact with these elements that you find they contain something. Although, in my case, not all of those “x of 7” do actually contain something. Some are essentially little more than placeholders, which makes navigation somewhat unintuitive and frustrating.

I appreciate MacPaw reaching out to see how you can improve the accessibility of this application. It's a good tool, and I will be looking forward to any improvements for those of us who use it with VoiceOver.

Mac X behavior on the menu bar

For the heck of it, I like @Ilene tried the menu bar. Unfortunately, my behavior is different and more annoying. I agree, that each item needs to be interacted with, however my menubar once clicked does nothing. In other words, after the "mac X" menu item is clicked, I hear the table sound but nothing unless I interact with something. As it was, I just clicked free up RAM, only to somehow get kicked into my finder window. At least this is another source of feedback. Sorry Ilene if I got your name wrong,I didn't look first.

Check box toggle plus another strange issue

Hi again. Sorry to keep spamming the post but as I find things, I'd rather write them down. I agree about the checkboxes, now that I understand what's going on. To get them checked, you either have to hit space, then control option, or caps lock space, to get them to work.Besides that, when I was checking the boxes it would let me check, only one task was found and completed. Also there's no easy way to get back to the table of tasks to complete. Also unlabeled buttons are confusing. There's one or two but that shouldn't be the case. Even the settings button is an image.One final thing is that when I did check the boxes, as I said only one task was done even thouhgs like flushing the DNS were supposedly check but the run button was dimmed. Maybe there should be an alert that you have to answer. As in, you ran the memory task yesterday, do you want to run it again? Yes button no button. It might seem a bit to simple, I'd rather know exactly what I am doing. I think that's it for now.


This didn't use to happen in earlier versions, but in the newer versions of the app, if you go into the window chooser menu anywhere, if clean my mac menu is running; there is a window that says untitled, and nothing is in there. At least, nothing voiceover can read, though this window shouldn't be there at all. It only seems to be a ploblem that came up with newer versions of clean my mac x, not if 3 had it though. Other than that and the other problems mentioned; i love the app. its amazing! Thanks for all the great work and for making, and caring; about the accessibility of this app. Keep up the good work

Hello, that's Volodymyr from

App Developer

Hello, that's Volodymyr from MacPaw here again.

I want to thank you the the community of AppleVis for your feedbacks and suggestions.

We've did several improvements to our recent CleanMyMac application, especially made easier Sidebar usage with the Voice Over functionality and also Smart Scan Results are now available with it as well.

Your feedback on that is welcomed as well and if anyone wants to join our beta testing program, you are really welcome and your assistance is appreciated.

All the best,

beta testing

Hello. How would i join the beta test? I'd very much like to give feedback.