MBraille new user

Hi folks,
I was recommended mbraille which I have learned how to use. The manual states that when I exit the app, it copies the text to the clipboard. I've done this numerous times, and it does not work. I have to select the whole thing, copy it, then it goes to the clipboard. I am in a position where I need to take notes, and thought braille would be better for me than the standard keyboard. I read the manual and understand its usage enough to use it on my own. I'll also be bringing my note taker for a bit, so I can decide what to use. Any ideas on why the automatic copy to clipboard isn't working? No setting on hand is giving me any clues although I have turned it so that it goes to the keyboard instead of the menu.


Copy to clipboard

Are you using the free version of mBraille, or have you purchased the full version? I'm wondering if that's the difference. I don't have a way to test the free version, because I've got the full on both my devices. But it could be that, with the free version, the text doesn't automatically copy.


I was not clear, as the app description says when you exit the app, it copies the text to use elsewhere. I just got it today, but I don't have the money right now to buy it since I ended up buying KNFB Reader which was a good price for what it can do. If I have to buy it, I'm sure i will be able to very soon, but its a shame that I have to copy it with the 2-3 swipe method. Its an interesting app. It is easy to use, and the manual is easy to understand. In no way will I expect something like this for free. Thanks for the response!

document features

If I ended up paying for the document features, would that be enough to get the automatic copy function? A thought I had, but still not clear on the price points.

you have to buyy it

you have to buy it to get the automatic copying to clipboard to work. However, I am not sure which package you would have to buy, but read the description of the package. It should tell you what features includes. Good luck.

Why don't you...

Hi, If you have iOS 8 and above, I recomend you set the braille screen input on the rotter and then select it whenever you want to type a text. It works fine although lacks some options but, all in all, it is fine just for typing. If you use it, you don't need to copy or paste text, it inserts automatically in the text field where you're typing.

braille key input

I tried the braille key input, however, it doesn't seem to work. I can't find dot 6, and I've not gotten it to work on my 5s at all. Have not typed with it successfully.

Braill input

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Braille is slow and sluggish in my opinion when typing with the iOS braille keyboard. MBraille is really superb and very responsive, not to mention including tons of features. Unfortunately for you, I think you will need to buy both MBraille and the document add-on if you want all functionality. Buying MBraille itself will enable the copy to clipboard like you want as well as many other features. The document manager assumes that you already have purchased MBraille or will be purchasing it together with MBraille at the same time. Hope this explanation helps. Good luck.

m braille and braille input

I tried the braille input again per request, and it seems like dots 4 and 5 are backwards, and I can't get it to work. Which of the two options would allow the text to be copied to the clipboard automatically? Thats what I'm not sure on.

m braille and price

OK, so I have another question. I asked someone, and they were not sure. I know the price is $39. Does this app allow me to select it from within the flicking gester voiceover offers say for braille input, or do I need to do everything from within the app? When I currently select text message for example, the standard keyboard pops up. I'm thinking that I'd like to respond to a message but would like to type in braille. I'd flick to say mbraille within the options. Is this possible?

From within the app

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You have to type within the app. Also, if you have not read it yet, MBraille offers a very detailed help file within the app. I believe you can flick left with three fingers to pull up all of the MBraille menus, or to access help directly, on a blank line type .help (that is dot help). As far as which of the two options would allow braille to be copied from within the app to the clipboard, that would be the MBraille option not the file manager option. I hope this helps.

read the help

I read the help from within the app, but I was still confused on whether I had to do everything from within the app. Thats why I thought I'd ask.

text message button and the keyboard

My self and someone who I talk to said that when we doubletap on text message from within mbraille, it brings up the text messaging keyboard and not the braille keyboard. I did get an SMS to send with the .sms command. Thoughts?


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I usually send texts from within the app itself. I use the .sms commands. The only time I really use the clipboard is when I want to send a message from an app that is not supported by MBraille. If that's not what you're asking, I apologize.

text messages and m braille

Hi there singer,
I'm talking about in m braille when you doubletap text message from the menu. I did have an issue where I typed .sms John Jones(last name changed to protect identity) and a dialogue came up and said that John was ambiguous. Couldn't exit out of that dialogue. How do I get around that one?

To make things clear

If you use MBraille, you do everything within the application that is calling the number, sending a text message, etc. If you close MBraille what you have typped is in the clipboard and can be used in other applications. If you use Braille screen input, you use it within any other application, e.g. if you have a textfield you can switch the rotter to Braille screen input and type a text in this way. This has nothing in common with MBraille apart from typing. With Braille screen input you can only type text. If you want to copy or paste it, you should use other options on the rotter that work in applications. Another your concern deals with text messaging. If you open meessages on your I-device, standard keyboard appears and if you want to type Braille, you should select Braille screen input. Hope it's clear. Warm regards.

To Rafal

Hi Rafal,
I understand that, but here are two things.
1. When I've exited the app, the text is not copied to the clipboard.
2. When in the app, in the menu, you have the option of text message. Double tapping this option yields the keyboard that is the standard keyboard, not the braille keyboard. This assumes you are in m braille itself.
3. I like the app, and have got text messaging working only once. When I did it with the dot sms command and filled in John Smith (name changed to protect the identity) it came back and said that John was too ambiguous and to try again with no way to get out of the dialogue. I've read the manual numerous times, but the copying of text does not work as described in the manual. Thanks.