Minecraft accessible for voiceover users

I would like to see in accessible game version of Minecraft. I have heard it is a fun game, and I would like to see it accessible for the blind.


me too!

Me too, I hope so

do either of you understand

do either of you understand the concept of minecraft, basically its about using graphical blocks to build stuff in the game and create your own world I think anyone who even thinks this could be made accessible is in fantasy land, basically the hole concept is visual in nature from construction to finishing your stuff your building to interacting with it. its just not realistic to think it could be accessible without it being a totally different game. Its a nice dream but not going to happen.

building blocks

Well someone could make a game where building things are labeled and you can use them to make other things and text to inneract. I've always wished I could play Mind Craft as well when my kids were doing it.

Labeled blocks

I agree with that. They could label the blocks somehow, so you know what the blockss are. I know the blindfold games are out there, but… Not many people play them, because there’s not really many sound effects. The only one that’s closest, is the blindfold racer. Anyway, I hope they can come up with something. I would like to see more Apps/Games accessible for the blind.

There are games, but this one probably isn't it

There are lots of mainstream games which could theoretically be made accessible. Some would even require minimal work, while others would need a little more. Minecraft though is probably not one of those. Even if you labeled every single block, rendered the 3D workd in a way easily traversable by someone with no sight and made everything else somehow work, the amount of sheer tedium which would be required to actually play it would probably bore most sane people to tears. Imagine trying to keep track of hundreds of blocks over a vast space. The game's already a huge time sync as it is. It might not be the worst thing that it isn't accessible. Though as a mainstream gamer myself, the blind really do get shafted in the quality department. I'm sure some of what's out there is decent. There just isn't that much variety.

Crafting kingdom

I have two things to say.
1. Do you guys think that maybe if the same pluggin used for Crafting Kingdom could be used to make minecraft somehow playable with VoiceOver?
and 2. Perhaps a game similar to minecraft could be created to simulate something like minecraft.
Also, I've heard there are mods that somehow enhance minecraft's actions and how they affect the game. Perhaps an accessibility mod could be added?

Crafting kingdom

I tried playing crafting kingdom, but it really wasn’t my interest. However, if they added an extra build an accessibility feature for Minecraft, had a game similar to Minecraft, that would be terrific. I actually have a Minecraft shirt. And a lot of people have talked about it, from what I have heard.

Accessible Minecraft

I have some usable vision, and have played Minecraft in the past. I'm really not sure how a game like that could be made accessible. I'm not saying it couldn't be done, but it would be very tricky. and like a previous poster stated, the amount of information that would need to be conveyed would likely make things pretty tedious. Maybe once VR, haptic feedback, and other tech get further along...

If anything a 2D game like Terraria might be easier to represent. I haven't played it much because the visual UI is very small for the game, but it's kind of like a 2D Minecraft type game for consoles and PC.

Heck Yeah

I know that'd be super hard to pull off but it'd be amazing. Maybe do it as a 3d audio experience so you could listen and hear how things were layed out? I'd also like to see some kind of accessible game like The Sims. If sandbox games like this could be made accessible, they would be my absolute crap! I love creative freestyle things like that. also, Crafting Kingdom is nothing like Minecraft.

The only way for us to experience Minecraft

Honestly, I think the only way we can play any rendition of Minecraft would be the interactive movie Minecraft: Story Mode which is available, audio described and accessible on Netflix. It's basically an interactive narrative set in the Minecract universe. It's not what people here are looking for, but it's actually quite well done. I would actually love to see more of Telltale Games's narrative games like this brought over to Netflix, because they're all very good.

about blocks

i bet all that would have to happen is use direct touch and place blocks around the screen, then the user would drag a block to another to connect. I mean, it's possible, I don't really see what's so impossible Alex. sa