More newbie opservations and questions

I am determined to get used to my mac. One thing I've noticed, is that there seems to be activity running in the background and I can't figure out how to figure out what's running or to stop it from doing whatever it's doing. For example, I think it's trying to update. When I went on the app store, it says three updates available. But when I push command tab, there are no apps running. My arrow keys and tab key aren't working all the time. I have to keep trying to interact with things so that I can scroll through them. It's like my cursors and keyboard refused to focus consistently. Is there a way to see what processes may be running in the background? What is wrong with my keyboard? I know it's not broken. It's probably just some little setting has gotten changed. Also, is there a way to disable that Mission control?


A few answers to your questions

Hi. I have a macbook pro, but this is similar. When you work with a Mac, you have to understand that it's not like Windows, you're just automatically focused on things. So things like interacting with tables, lists, web pages is normal. If you'd like I'd be happy to give you some turtorials via Skype. One thing you need to have is keyboard follows cursor or something, I'll go over everything i have set. I think a lot of your confusion stems fromjust using Windows and going right into Mac. I jumped face first into the Mac, because my computer died. However i also didn't want to lean on what i already knew, I pushed myself to learn what I needed. Let's go back to your example of updates.

App store, open that. You'll be in either the HMTL content, or, in the toolbar. If the toolbar, interact with it, using voice over keys, which are control option shift, down arrow. Go over to updates, and press control option, space. When you do that, stop interacting, go to the right, and you should be in the html content. If not, you can tab over. now i'm on a list of updates, it will say update all. Press the same conbination control option space. If you'd like further help, add me to skype Irish_storm1 and then sne dme something off of here, we'll work out a time.

I tried your suggestion

I opened the App Store but VO says nothing and my arrow keys ding when I press them. I try interacting but my only choices are to start or stop with specific apps that I don't want.

It's like my tab VO and Arrow keys refuse to press

I managed to get to the tool bar in the App Store by turning VO off and on a few times However I'm having the same issue of pressing keys and hearing dinging or nothing happening. Now I'm in the finder but I only know this because I turned VO off and back on. Tabbing repressing my Arrow does nothing.

Do you have skype?

Hi. A lot of this wil be answered if I am on the same page with you, i.e. a skype call. so I can walk you through how to fix things. With the finder, it's not like a windows desktop, you won't have anything on there. As I said, add Irish_storm1 to your skype list, or else we can facetime if you'd rather. If you want to do that, let me know I'll give you the email to try. Forgive me if my messsage is unclear, my father's in thehospital so i'm dealing iwth that too. Please, I do want to help.

Awe I'm sorry to hear....

I do not have Skype. I'm sorry to hear about your father. I think I may have fixed my key problem. I will definitely let you know if I need more detailed help in the future.