a mud client for playing Alter Aeon on my iPad?

I was much into mudding when I ctually had a computer and now I wonder, wich is the best way or client for Alter Aeon?


Mud Rammer

Mudrammer is your best bet. You'll also probably want a bluetooth keyboard or type cover.


Mudrammer is awesome for playing alter aeon! Anyone that want to find me on here, my char name is creep!

The thing that concerns me about mudrammer

The developer is no longer developing the app.

Apparently they can’t or something due to where they work or something like that.

They released the code to the public. But no one has seemed to pick it up yet as far as I know.

I have mudrammer on my phone currently. But I am just wondering how long it will work for before another solution needs to be found.

Personally I wouldn’t work at a job that prevented me from updating an app that helps otherwise disadvantaged people in an area. But I guess from what they told me they didn’t have a choice really. I guess they needed the work.