Music Composition Apps for iOS

I'm looking for an app that will allow me to create high-quality music scores. However, I would need either a text-based interface or an app that could be played into. I would need something that can work on my iOS device; I don't know how to use either a MIDI keyboard or a Mac. Does anyone know about an app like I've described?


There is actually an app for

There is actually an app for that, but it is not accessible with iphone but is accessible with ipad. Look up symphony pro


GarageBand for iOS is mostly accessible. There are some annoying VoiceOver bugs but the app is still usable for recording your ideas.

I think the person meant

I think the person meant music notation software, since midi notation is not accessible right now, that is, printing out a score in barrage band that is not an option.

iPad only composition performance and audio DAW

I found many apps in this area that are iPad only. I have been listening to amazing demos on TheSoundTest room on Youtube of apps I really would like to try. I only have an iPhone but am considering buying an iPad to check these out.

1. Hard to test new apps.
2. Process of getting refund for inaccessible apps is slightly difficult.
3. Few of these apps have been reviewed.
4. There is not a forum for this subject that I know of.
5. Costly investment in a doubtful proposition.

I wish we had a fully accessible midi editor for iOS that would integrate with Garageband and Alchemy.

BTW: Alchemy mobile is almost totally accessible on the iPhone but is discontinued. The only problem was editing midi events was not accessible and could crash VO. They were working on it when Camel Audio was bought by Apple.

I hope to encourage others to look at thesoundtestroom on Youtube and hear what can be done with iOS music composition tools.


My findings for iPad and composition/performance

Bob, I also have listened with great interest to youtube postings from the Sound Test Room. I have only found one app that is accessible to the point of changing patches easily, and that is Mitosynth. I can do some work with Garage Band. I'm using the iPad as a second keyboard when I play. It is still very much a work in progress. I'd be very interested in others' experiences with this type of setup. I'm driving the iPad with the iRig keys pro. Only has 37 keys, but makes for a nice portable setup, and a learning tool for now. Thanks in advance for any feedback/suggestions. Lou

Composition software for scores

This sounds great. I've been looking for something to write music with for years. I'm going to get the new pro when it's out now, for sure.

I agree the refund thing with iTunes is a little bit of a pain and I have run into difficulty with them when they locked my account after testing several non VO compatible apps in quick succession. This is why I think apple should include an accessibility rating in the app description, but that's an argument for another thread.

Music Memo

Has anyone had any luck with this new app from Apple. From the sounds of it, no pun intended, it was a rare Apple accessibility fail. Should they get it usable, I am thinking it could be a fun tool to flesh out ideas.

Music memos

Works fine. I've had no problem with it. The only issue you might have is that it routes VO through the ear speaker when it is in recording mode. Everything else seems fine. The beat match when you put drums on it can be a little odd. Get the beat up side down.


Thanks. I haven't tried it simply because all of the early reports were discouraging. I will have a go and see how I get on with it.


There is an app called songify which will transform a normally spoken set of words to an actual song. It's pretty cool!

help mi pleas...

App Developer

Hello, first i want to introduce myself. My name is DharmaPutra. I am from Indonesia. Please help me to find software music notation that can be used with VoiceOver. Software notation for iOS or mac OS. I've tried musescore but not access it entirely.