my thoughts and impressions of the new iphone 5

like many of you, i just got my iPhone five this morning from my local sprint store. I braved the lines at seven am this morning to get one when the store opened at eight am. here are my thoughts after having been able to use it for a few hours sense this early morning. 1. I absolutely love how much faster voiceover seems to run on the five verses my 4s. 2. apps seem to load much quicker, and this phone works so much easier over wifi networks. 3. I am very impressed with how much smoother and faster siri answers questions, or does simple tasks over the 4s. I'm not saying the 4s is a bad phone by any means, but sense i've done the upgrade to the five, I'm loving the ease of use of the 5. I'm a bit sleepy now after this mornings wake up call of 6:15 to get to sprint on time, so i'll talk to you all later and feel free to leave any comments you may have about your iPhone 5 experiences. happy iphoning.





Well, I pre-ordered my iPhone 5 last week and got it today. i upgraded from the iPhone 4, so this was my first experience with a siri compatible phone. However I have heard people say that with the 4S, siri was often very laggy.

It's true that siri is much more responsive, and that apps open faster. I also love the lightness and thinness of the phone.

What I am not quite sure about is the battery life. Was it supposed to be better than the 4 and 4S? Because it hasn't been for me. But then again, I have been using it like  crazy today. I just couldn't put it down, the lightness, thinness and quickness of it just makes it very enjoyable to use. Also it seemed to load music to the phone faster than the 4, as well as charge faster, it seems.

Over all ,I totally love it and am so glad I upgraded.


I upgraded from the iPhone 4, and absolutely love it. It's thinner and faster than the 4, and I find myself using Siri a lot. I am glad I pre ordered it too because my 4 is acting like it is possessed after I upgraded to iOS 6.

Some thoughts on the iPhone 5

Congratulations to all who were able to upgrade and to the newcomers to the iPhone too. I upgraded to IOS 6 with my 4 S, and it alll went like clockwork. My phone is much zippier in its response and it is truly remarkable what Ceri is able to do now.

Considering Upgrading from the 4

I am thinking of upgrading from the iPhone 4, but am not sold yet. Do you find the bigger screen helpful in that it gives you more space, or annoying that it fits harder in your pocket? Or is there no difference? Another thing I'm thinking of is my dock. I didn't know I needed one until I got one, and absolutely love it. It is the kind that can also fit an iPad, so is much wider. I hear they're making a "direct plug" version of the Lightning adapter, but don't know if it has a cable or not. I'm also concerned of the iPhone falling out hheightwise. In regards to IOS 6 on your 4, is it that slow? I would assume so, and am noticing sluggishness running 5.1.1, so am really waiting there. Any experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chelsea

IOs6 on the IPod touch

I've not upgraded to IPhone 5 yet, but upgraded to IOs 6 on my IPhone 4s and my IPod touch. On the 4s its great, but on the IPod the standard voiceover voice seems to be a little different. can anyone advise on how to change the voice on the IPod touch?

Description of device

So could someone tel me if this new phone is finner and narrower then the 4s? I no its lighter. I think the new connectors they now have is a great thing. I just think it will take time for speaker docks to get them as wel.

Device description

The phone is taller than previous phones, but the same width. It's thinner and lighter too.

description of device

Ok thanks, I would love to go check it out sometime. I find it easyer to type on the IPhone compared to IPod touch, because my hands get a better grip on it.

Charging and turning on wi-fi in settings

If you'd like the high quality voice, try charging your iPod, and turn on the Wi-Fi option in your wireless settings. If you perform these steps, the high quality voice should install successfully. The time for the voice to download depends entirely on your online connection. In short, the faster your Internet works, the faster your high quality voice will download and work. Hope this helps.