NBA Audio league pass or something like it on the iPhone

My name is John and I have the NBA Audio league pass on my computer which allows me to listen to all NBA games with their radio feeds. I wonder if something like it is available for the iPhone. I know we can't use the actual NBA Audio website because it contains flash and Apple won't allow flash on the iPhone. Any thoughts?


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Hello, Well, I'm not certain but you may want to investigate in to Skyfire Web Browser. They mentioned that you can go on to their site and see if the site you have in question is supported or not. Worth a check unless of course somebody else has a simplier method for you to listen in with?

the site was for video flash not audio flash

The NBA Audio site uses flash from what I am told and the site you suggested seems to only look for video flash. So unless there is another site that allows you to play audio from NBA feeds, I'm probably out of luck. I think that the NBA controls how their broadcasts can be heard just as MLB does so unless we can get NBA Audio League pass to create an app for the app store, we're out of luck.

All Basketball radio

Look for an app called all basketball radio. There are 2 apps in the store, one's for $0.99, and the other is $1.99.


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The NBA does also have an official app which is accessible. The only down side is you do have to pay for the audio. They offered a free trial last year and it was accessible. I'll be curious to try all basketball radio.

NBA appp is accessible, but....

The NBA app is accessible, but VO in my testing kept refreshing the screen, it kept making the page loaded sound constantly. That's a big turnoff for me.

Basketball radio is accessible but the stations are all there but they can't broadcast the games via internet because NBA Audio has the rghts. So, aside from getting the radio stations, the app really can't do what it claims to do.

NBA GameTime

That's bad luck then, I suppose, and until NBA digital fixes the issues with the NBA GameTime app, if they ever do, that's not an option either, in my humble oppinion.

nba app

so, I can listen to the nfl, mlb, but what do I do for nba then? seems like from the previous comments, not much