need an app for recording phone numbers and other short notes

I have an iPhone 5s but I actually don't use it for making phone calls. I'm looking for an easy-to-use app that I can use to record phone numbers, addresses, and other short notes like that, right now I use a cassette recorder for this and once I record several things the older stuff is either hard to find or it gets recorded over.


Recommend DropVox

This recorder is simple and straight forward to use. If you didn't guess it, it also syncs nicely with it's companion app, DropBox, downloaded separately. Unfortunately, I can't tell you if there was a cost for DropVox, as I've had it for a considerable time now. I think it cost a couple U.S. dollars, however. If you already use DropBox then you will be happy to use DropVox because you can retrieve your phone numbers and/or notes from your phone or PC when it's more convenient for you to handle the info.


dropvox thanks

I searched applevis before asking my question and did read some comments about dropvox, I do use dropbox so is there a button in the app to upload the file? I haven't downloaded dropvox yet but I likely will, whatever the cost it's sure to be just a small fraction of the cost that I would've had to pay for the digital recorders I've been looking at.

Link DropVox to DropBox

In the settings of the DropVox app, you can link your recordings to your DropBox account for future retrieval.

dropvox purchased

I purchased dropvox yesterday evening and it looks like it's just what I'm looking for so thanks again.

I also found the podcast here on applevis and listened to it and had my question answered regarding uploading to dropbox.

Problem with DropVox

Although DropVox is simple and easy to use, the problem is that you can't access your recordings unless you are connected to WiFi or have a data connection. There is no way to listen to recordings on your phone before they are uploaded to DropVox.
The Quick Record app that someone recommended on this forum recently seems to be a nice simple app with a clean UI like DropVox but does not have this limitation.


Quick Record

App Developer

Hi Troy, I recently made my recording app Quick Record accessible with VoiceOver and I've been getting very positive feedback. I actually use it mostly for short notes – for this purpose it's nice that you can capture without having to type a name everytime, but when you're ready you can name, tag, and star recordings to organize them.

Here is the AppleVis link: