Need help with Suddenly Lost

hello. I'm playing this excellent interactive novel and I have a problem: where can I find the wite carnival ticket? when I try to imagine myself in the game's story it's an even greater experience. thanks.


White Carnival Ticket

Try going ice fishing until you get the white ticket. It's been a while simce I played Suddenly Lost!


re: what game is this

the game I'm talking about is suddenly lost. I don't understand why the topic's title was that. does anyone has the developer's contact? wanted to share my experiences with him, and to find out where he got those fantastic ideas.

other things i simply don't understand

hi. there are other things about the game i don't understand. who's professor quark? why do you, allways, end up in that mysterious carnival in every way possible? is there a true ending, i would like a full text walkthrough for the game. thanks.