need help with wine

hi all.
I have some games that I want to put on my mac to play games, but i don't want to go through getting a vm or boot camping. So where do i get sapi 5 and does anyone no where to put in wine.


Try This

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I wrote a guide to doing this a while back. Some people can get it to work, some find too much lag, some can't get speech… Your milage will vary, basically. That said, there are plenty of Wine-based apps out there, Wineskin is just the one I found to work. I don't know about getting multiple games in one wrapper either, but a wrapper for a 600MB game is 1.3GB, so I'd like to figure that out sometime. Anyway, give that article a read and see how it goes. Let us know on here if you have problems. I'm no expert, but I can try to offer suggestions, and hopefully there will be others who are more knowledgeable than me.

I think I used b home brew 5

I think I used b home brew 5 years ago to install and use wine. It has since come off of my system but good luck.


well, I don't have the rite version.
I don't see any of that. I think i might be doing something wron.

finding rapper

I can't find the rapper name to add the speech voice. Any one could help? thanks