Network Attached Storage: What Are The Accessible Options?

Because my wife and kids aren't particularly good managers, I am the default network administrator and backup manager of our home's computer and smart devices. We have gotten to the point where individual backups are taking way too much of my time, so I plan to automate the process with a NAS.
I have done a good bit of research and narrowed my choices to two different manufacturers - Drobo and Synology.
My question - has anyone used either of these products and, if so, how well do their interface software packages work with Voiceover. My concern is not the hardware (either will work well). I want to be able to use the interfaces without sighted assistance.
Any advice appreciated.


Hello Ray,

Hello Ray,
good question. I've personally tried a Synology NAS at home, but that was completely inaccessible with VoiceOver so I was forced to return it. I also tried contacting Synology about this, but unfortunately they weren't at all responsive or helpful in any way. Additionally, I've tried a NAS from Qnap, but this one had the same problem of having a completely inaccessible web interface. I don't know anything about the second manufacturer you mentioned, so if you get one of those I definitely would love to hear if it's accessible or not. My personal solution to the problem was to take an old computer, stick in 4 new hard disks and install Debian Linux so I could set up Samba and Netatalk for network file storage and Time Machine backup.
This way, however, does require some degree of Linux administration skills, so depending on your knowledge of such things you might not wanna go that route. Personally, I would suggest you go with an Apple Time Capsule, as long as that has sufficient capacity for your needs. You can then configure all systems to back up to that over the network, and administration is easy and completely accessible...


Hi Ray. I purchased a Synology NAS earlier this year. They are challenging but wonderful products.
I wrote a comprehensive blog post on my findings here.
Since that post was published, I have had extremely encouraging dialogue with Synology about the issues. While I've not been given permission to say anything specific, I can say I feel very confident the accessibility problems are temporary.
Hope that's of some help. If you can get initial assistance with the set-up, I don't think you'll regret the synology.

Hey Jonathan,

Hey Jonathan,
thanks a lot for your comment and the extremely helpful link to your blog post! It's a real shame that, in order to properly setup your Synology Diskstation, you had to take advantage of a 'human screen reader'. I was thinking about the same back when I received mine, but as I like to tweak things and change stuff on my own without needing sighted help, that simply wasn't an option for me. So, I returned the device and built my own solution, but I'd still be very interested in an accessible DSM. Do you have any public EMail address where I could contact Synology about DSM accessibility? If I visit here in Germany, I only get to the German website - with no way of changing languages or contacting the English-speaking support. I've tried the German support previously, but they weren't of any help at all sadly...

No Change Yet

I'm running the beta of the new OS, and so far, no change, so it looks like we'll be waiting another cycle, sadly.


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That’s a real disappointment, as I’ve a new Synology box arriving today and had been planning to install the DSM 5.1 beta in the hope that it did include the rumoured improvements.

Fortunately, much of what I need is doable via the DS Finder iOS app and the mobile interface that you can access via the app. Far from ideal, though, and I’m sure that a few curses will be heard around here later today.

Hi David,

Hi David,
I'd like to follow up on your post regarding your Synology NAS and setting it up using VoiceOver. Please, could you be so kind and let me know how this has been going for you, and whether or not you were able to set up all that you required using VoiceOver? I'd still love to buy one of those wonderful NAS systems, however in order for that to happen the interface simply would have to be accessible in an acceptable way...
Thanks a lot for any comments on the current accessibility situation!


Unless your router has a USB port, you will need a NAS.

It can be as simple as the Apple or a Seagate Black Armor. The downside to a simple single drive is redundancy. You can get a huge hard drive but if it fails, you lose all the data. You can sign up for a cloud service like Amazon or Google and have your NAS back up to it. I learned the hard way when my Black Armor crashed. I was able to recover my data but took hours since it was spread out through several computers and devices.

If you get a NAS, get one with at least two drives and set the RAID to mirror. And if you’re really paranoid about your data, get a cloud back up service in addition to setting to NAS to mirror.

HTH and good luck.

Synology Experiences

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The NAS is up and running … albeit to only satisfy some fairly basic needs (it’s used as the Time Machine destination for my Mac, stores my iTunes media, and is used as a means to backup and share files across the various computers that we have in the house).

Being honest, I found the browser based interface an absolute pig to use with VoiceOver. It’s doable, but not much fun, as the movement of VoiceOver focus through elements can at times appear rather random. Some controls - most notably some checkboxes/radio buttons for making selections are difficult to reliably locate and activate. Considering that this is the type of device that you will want to know for certain is configured securely and correctly … well, I think that it would be hard to be certain of this if you are relying solely on a screen reader. I also have a sneaking suspicion that there were elements/controls/features within the interface that VoiceOver simply failed to find, leaving me unaware of them.

Being frank, without the benefit of some residual vision to give me at least some idea of what was happening on screen, I think that I would have struggled to get this configured and working the way that I want.

Also, I should retract my earlier statement that much of what I wanted to do could be done via their iOS app. This did not prove to be the case.

Unless somebody knows otherwise, I still believe that Synology is the best choice if you are looking for a well-featured NAS. However, in terms of accessibility, it should probably be considered as the least worst option rather than the best.

Re:While a NAS would be better, what about a large drive

My answer to that wold be speed. I did think about using a large USB drive, but I have a USB 2.0 mac and a gigabit LAN NAS would be a lot faster. FireWire 800 isn't a sensible option as no-one uses it anymore.

Everyone: if you have used the Synology NAS how have you found file permissions working? I have a Windows XP PC and after upgrading to Mavericks I find that everything comes over as me: read & write, everyone: no-access. Checking in the terminal I find that these files are in the staff group, but it has "no access" as well. Do you have this problem with files stored on the NAS?

robin24: how do you back up your iTunes data on the NAS that isn't part of a Time Machine backup?

I'm against a nas for one

I'm against a nas for one reason. Back blase, the service I use does not support nas drives so for me a large hard drive works fine. I have a usb3 4tb elements drive. I guess what I could do is build a 3-4 drive storage bey and use it for stuff,but wonder if they come usb powered only and not as nas devices.

Blessings to all.

How does the accessible NAS landscape look in 2019?

I'm in the market for a NAS and was wondering if there has been any change in the accessible NAS landscape since this discussion. Have things improved? Are there new and accessible options not already mentioned above?

Thanks all.

I'm also wondering this as

I'm also wondering this as well. I'm not looking for an NAS however it might be a good way just to get my stuff from one computer to another easier etc with out too much fuss, and my family can access some of my stuff as well.