new app idea

I had a new app idea. I was wondering what you all thought of it?
It would be an app where blind and deaf people could help each other, via the medium of text. blind people could ask deaf volunteers to help them see (similar to be my eyes), and deaf people could ask blind people to help them hear. I don't know, maybe these are crazy ramblings, but what do you all think?


I see a lot of pitfalls here.

Hi. While the idea in theory is ok, in realistic sense, how is this possible? I mean for instance, if a deaf person needed to hear something, for the most part, we would need to be in direct contact with them. Maybe I'm thinking to literally, I'm just trying toimagine a situation where we could help someone who's deaf out with a hearing situation. I don't know of any to be honest. i see more of a market for the blind person needed eyes to see something, then the deaf aspect. As for the be my eyes app, and other suggestions, not quite sure we would need yet another app to help. Though if i were to use any sighted volunteers it would be the aira system for my own peace of mind. Plus, they have privacy concerns covered which I am not sure be my eyes does. Good luck with the idea. Hope maybe others might find it interesting. Please also don't think I'm shooting it down, I'm just not one to jump on the proverbial band waggon to get another "blind" app out. Have a good one.

think it through

Systems already exist where we can turn audio to text for the deaf and describe stuff for the blind.
nothing prevents blind and deaf volunteers from using these systems, but I'm sure they can be improved.
You want as many volunteers as possible, not just handicapped volunteers.