NEW AUDIO GAME: Inquisitor Audiogame Adventure - Chapter II "The village"

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NEW AUDIO GAME: The English version of the audio game from the saga of Nicholas Eymerich, Inquisitor, is finally available for purchasing on PC and Mac platforms, here:
iOS version will be available later this month.

DESCRIPTION: Eymerich reaches Calcares to find her missing brother and to discover the real nature of the plague and the demonic pagan deities that seem to generate it. The inquisitor, flanked by battered one-time friend Jacinto Corona, explores the plague-stricken village in search of answers that the Demon incarnated in the women of Calcares wants to hide at all costs. Together they face the madness of the Twin Goddesses, to be returned to places suspended between Heaven and Hell, in a deadly path of initiation for survival. Everyone is fighting their own battle between terrible acts of violence, nightmares turned into reality and puzzles where the intelligence of the inquisitors will be put to the test. And the purifying fire, finally, will have to lick everything.


PRICE: 19,90€

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interested to see peoples thoughts

HI all when someone has tried this if anyone does, i'd be interested to see what the puzzles are like; are they automatic as in the previous version that is to say that in inquisitor 1 they were done for you, or is more interaction involved? are environment good etc? i think the PC and or mac version is relatively easier to operate than that of the IOS

Game has bugs

Hi all,
Please do not buy the game yet, as it has bugs. apparently the developer updated it today, but I have yet to get my email for the update, so I'll let everyone know when to get it. If you buy it, make sure to not download it and keep your user key until the update.

The updated version is now

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The updated version is now available for downloading, we have already started sending out the emails with the link.

@Orinks You don't need to keep your user key until you download the update. After having installed the first release and used the code, no matter how many updates you install, it still counts as one activation.

I haven't found this to be

I haven't found this to be the case, I downloaded the update, and then I replaced all the files and folders in the original folder where I extracted all the files from the 1.0 release.
I was still prompted for my user code again.

the update

I got the updated version. An issue I see is when you talk to the guard for like the second time, nothing happens. The game freezes, and I can't do anything. This happens every time I get to that part of the game! I love the game so far, but that issue is getting in the way. I honestly can't give you more information regarding the issue, as I can't pinpoint exactly when in the game it occurs.

@all Have you downloaded the

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@all Have you downloaded the updated version and tried it? We believe we have fixed all the open issues, please let us know! The game is good, and entertaining, we don't want people to be scared away *smile*

English customer support?

I'm new to the world of audio games, and I just started the Inquisitor games.. I just paid for the game on Mac, and am having some difficulties. I'm not a quitter, and I'm gonna try to see if I've found a bug or I just need to keep playing.. However I'm wondering if I can E-mail somebody if I did encounter an issue with the game? Thanks,

Re:English customer support?

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my name is Pier Francesco from Audiogames Italian Association.
I've opened a topic to talk about the fourth chapter of the Inquisitor saga.
I can try to help you.