New iMessage features and tap back IOS10

Hi if you want to make your message send in Invisible ink, add a fireworks effect to it, balloons and more write out your message. If you have 3d touch press on the send button if you don't have 3d touch double tap and hold on the send button to bring up the menu. Voice over reads expressive messages that are sent as well as sometimes playing the sound. Double tap on Invisible messages to reveal the message. Tap back are reactions to comments such as hearting a message. To respond to a message swipe down on a message and double tap on react. This is really cool and neat!


It did not work

I did created the iMessage and on send I tap twice and held but instead it send it. Using iOS 10 and iPhone 6

Double tap and hold

Double tap and hold is when you tap once and on the second tap you hold your finger down you could think of it as 1 tap and hold maybe that will help? This is the same gesture you used to have to do to enter edit mode.

Bug with Invisible Ink

There is a bug with invisible ink. With short hidden messages you can double tap to read but with longer messages you can't get the message to reveal.

unfortunatly not able to add effects

Although I'm able to react to messages using the 1 finger flick down on the specific message, I can't seem to double tap and hold on the send button to add effects
I'm double tapping and holding on the send button after I'm done writing and doing it in the same way as I do to delete apps, I even here that sound that indicates you are holding on something like you do when deleting or dragging the apps in the old method, but no menu comes up enabling me to add effects.
anyone has any ideas as to what might be causing this?
using Iphone 6 plus

add effect

to add effects, you need to turn off reduce motion. this is a very neat feature. personally, i am too lazy to add effects to my messages, but this makes everything easy. guess my outgoing messages won't be so boring from now on.

message and youtube

Sending a video from youtube is hard. Now when you go to share you see a copy link. Also before I sent message it was easy to select the person. Now so much. After much pain I figure how to paste the link by tapping on the body message and holding until I heard paste. It is not simple any more.

Thanks it works!

Thank you LaBoheme, with reduced motion off, I was able to add effects.
I only saw a few effects though, like bubble, invisible ink, and so on. are there more effects or there are only the default 5?

How do you manage to add the heartbeets and fireballs and such,anyway? I tried it with canvus, vut don't think I succeeded

This is,truly awesome

fireball & heartbeat

digital touch is not quite usable for vo users yet. plus, if you send someone digital touch, it almost encourages the person to respond with digital touch in kind, which vo users still can't see because it would only say "include digital touch". so until apple can figure out a way, we might want to refrain from using it.