new IPhone need help learning how to use with braille sense

Hello, I am new to the forum, and up till now, I have always used Windows computer. I wanted to take advantage of all the features I could use braille with. Translating all the lessons I am learning about voiceover into braille is very hard for me, was wondering if someone would spend a little time just kind of helping me set things up and learning how to basically move around screen and apps and explain the rotor better to me and how it relates to what the braille display is doing. Got it paired, but now at a loss. Not many tutorials to show how things are done with braille. I am using the screen tapping as little as possible as my hands shake so it's hard to do. If anyone wants to do a phone call with a little help, I'd be so grateful. I usually do well after I get a jumping off point, but I am feeling a little stuck with all the new Apple concepts even though I am taking a class.


Braille Commands

Hi Linnea
Common Braille commands for VoiceOver navigation
Can be found at:

You can practice in the voiceover help mode in the same way that you can practice the touch gestures.
You go into help mode with a Braille letter K plus space bar.
When in help mode the function of the key combinations will be spoken and will not perform any actions on your iPhone.
To leave help and return to normal operations use the Braille letter b plus space bar.
I do not use a Braille sense and some of the function keys on that device may have special functions too. You can discover that by pressing them whilst in the help mode.
Hope that helps get you a bit further.
Let me know if you need more help.