New Radegast Version for Mac/Linux

Hi guys. I wanted to post this topic to let you know that a new version of Radegast has been released. It is a virtual worlds viewer for the blind and works with Second Life. This version is a start to fixing the buggy issues with the version found on the old Radegast website. It isn't specifically designed for Mac but the developer is a Mac user so she is hoping it will work as a temporary fix.

You can find it here:


Do I have to install the other stuff like before?

Hello thank you for posting this online. When I try to install this last time it wanted me to download a couple of things however I couldn't find the frameworks for it so couldn't download it does this want you to do the same thing or no?

Honestly, I don't know. I don

Honestly, I don't know. I don't use a Mac so all I can tell you to do is try it. The Radegast developer is a Mac user and you can ask her if you need assistance. Just find her contact info on the site. I am sure she'd be willing to assist should you need it.

Thank you

Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it. I will definitely contact the developer if I have trouble installing it on my Mac. Thanks again for posting it. Another off-topic question but how do you post a topic on the form I can't find the post button anywhere.

Correct Forum Link

Just so that there's no confusion, the separate Radegast forum on is now outdated. At least it appears to me that nobody is posting there anymore. But there is a link on that site to the Second Life Universe forums, which are alive and well. Click on the link near the bottom of that says "SL Universe Forums." I recently registered on there, and everything has gone smoothly for me thus far. There is an off-topic forum on that site too, which seems quite popular. Having said all that, I'm definitely checking this new Radegast version out so thanks for posting.

It won’t install for me

Hello, thank you for telling me about the form. Did you get the new version to install? When I click it it shows this folder called Bing The downloads section of my mac. I don’t know how to install it but I really want to. Do you know what I’m doing wrong or how I can install it?
Thank you

I have second life.

I need help installing the software for second life on the Mac with voiceover but when I go to the website it doesn’t show the software version for Mac only for windows what can I do?

Angel, are you going to the

Angel, are you going to the website to get the software? That is where it is located.


Yes I am going on the website to get the software but it doesn’t show the Mac version.

Hi. I know the developer has

Hi. I know the developer has been doing some work to the software. You are getting it from, riight?

If you are, contact the developer from the website. She is a mac user herself and will be able to help you more than I can. I am so sorry. I do wish I could answer more questions, but I use Windows on my computer and IOS on my phone.

I have no idea

Hello thank you for your response. I clicked on the link that was in this post. I don’t know what website it is on. I also can’t find contact information for the developer.