New Siri voice and IOS 11.0.1

I Make use of the new Siri female voice within Siri itself as well as with VoiceOver on my iPhone 6S and I like her very much. Unfortunately I find that she's a bit slower to response than the built in compact voices. Do anyone perhaps know if this problem is sorted with the releace of IOS 11.0.1, because I uninstalled her a couple of days ago?


New Siri voice and IOS 11.0.1

Hello Tangela
Thank you very much for your reply. Much appreciated. I discovered that if I use the new Siri female voice only with VoiceOver only my iPhone crashes, but when I mmake use of her within Siri as well as with VoiceOver crashing does not occur.

Slow response time

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Running a 6S, you will probably experience more lag time as it is (a) a bigger voice, and (b) requiring more processor power to deliver the voice, or so I think is the case. I'd be curious to know how it is for users of a 6 or 5S.

IOS 11.01 Female Siri

Yes, I think this has to do with the release of IOS 11. I also tested the speed with the compact voices on my 6S and Siri female is slower than the other voices. However, Siri female sounds more clear and pleasant than the compact voices. As more updates become released, this issue with Siri female may be resolved.

Siri Voice

From what I can tell, the new Siri voice uses a lot of CPU power. According to Jonathan Mosen's unboxing of the iPhone 8, the voice responds much more quickly. I'm using a 5S and the response time is horrible. I also cannot select the voice in Siri. It uses the old voices from iOS 10. I now believe this is intentional as my friend has access to the newer voices on his 6S. Does the iPhone 6 let you use the new Siri voice for Siri?

Who is she?

I upgraded from an iPhone 6 to an iPhone 8 and I think Ciri is using the new voice that everyone is talking about. I do know the voice is definitely different from the Ciri voice I was using on my iPhone 6. So, what's the name of this new Ciri voice?

I'm using Tom for Voiceover and neither voice has crashed my phone so far. I hope I don't experience these problems. I really like this new Ciri voice, whoever she is.

Ciri Voice on a 6S

Yes you can download the new Siri female voice on the IPhone 6S and use her for Siri and voiceover. I use her on my 6S and she works fine.

Siri female voice on iPhone 7 Plus

I am using the female voice of Siri on my iPhone 7 Plus and, in comparison to the first iOS 11 version, the response time has decreased a little. Frankly, I find it a little bit less sluggish than before.

iPhone SE feedback

I've been working with the American Siri female voice ever since I updated to iOS 11 last week, and so far I've had, on average, one iPhone auto-springing up per day. Well, a few days were peaceful with the phone working all the way till night time, but other days when there's just one time that I will hear the voice say "screen curtain on". Is it because my phone is a bit too old? I don't want to upgrade my hardware simply because I can't use a voice that properly. Do anyone who use newer devices have similar problems?
I don't find the response time to be of an issue here, since I always slow my speech rate down to about 52% or 53%, and she sounds best at that rate.

Using Siri Female Compact

Does anyone know how you can get the Siri Female Compact voice? I've recently gotten an iPhone 8 Plus and when selecting my voice, the Siri Female Compact wasn't available, so I stuck with Samantha compact. Thanks!

Respringing on newer devices

I have an iPhone 7, and when using the new Siri female voice with Voice Over, I have occasionally heard the screen curtain turn back on. This is only happening a couple times a week. I haven't used it much since upgrading to 11.0.1, so I don't know if it's better or worse in this release.

How can I delete voices?

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I just installed 11.0.1 on my 6s and I cannot figure out how to delete the new Siri voices. I would like to keep only Tom. Is there any way to accomplish this?
And Jeff, she is the same Siri female who happened to take some advanced voice lessons. :)


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Mani, if you are referring to Siri voices for Voiceover, go into settings, general, accessibility, Voiceover, speech, and make sure that Tom is the voice you have selected for your default voice. After that, double tap on the voices you don't want if they are downloaded on your phone, and and when the next screen comes up, flick down to where it says the voice name followed by how much space it is taking up. NOTE, if the voice isn't on your phone, you won't be able to get to that screen. Once the voice is highlighted, flick down to "delete" voice. Double tap. Then hti the back button. The voice should be gone from your Voiceover downloads.

Perhaps no compact Siri voice

To my knowledge, at least, there's no idea of "compact voice" for the new voices. But it doesn't bother me for TTS to be more expressive.
Update to my previous post: the problem of hearing screen curtain turning back on has slightly improved with iOS 11.0.1 for me, and I feel that the voice has responded faster than the previous iOS. I'm just wondering if the things I'm noticing have anything to do with the iPhone SE is now considered older than other new devices out there?

But I cannot get to the delete button

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After I get to the Siri female screen I cannot get to the 'Delete voice' button if there is one. Strangely, I did that for Tom and there was an 'Edit' button next to the header. BTW I am trying to delete Siri femal and Samantha.

Use the rotor, that should help

When you are trying to delete a voice, use the rotor and access the actions menu. Then, flick up or down to select the delete voice option and double tap. It should work.


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Sadly, Samantha's not going anywhere. There are some iOS voices, namely the oldest ones like Samantha, Daniel, Karen, etc., that aren't going anywhere, no matter what you do. I've tried deleting her before, and, like the Terminator, she always comes back.

Only the enhanced

You can never kill the default compact voices. And, for some reason, the robotic-sounding Fred is among them.

Ava is also a voice that

Ava is also a voice that likes to keep coming back.

Even though you can delete it, it likes to re-download, so you need to find it and stop it quickly.

When downloading other voices, sometimes, Ava will join your download.

Maybe it's intentional, I don't know, I know it's been that way since iOS 10.

New Siri Voice as Voiceover Voice

I set the new Siri Voice as my Voiceover voice because I like it more than any of the others. I have an iPhone 8plus and have experienced no problems with it. My speed is at 60%. Maybe it has to do with the better processors of newer phones?