New voices in iOs 13

Hi. I discovered new english india voices and one of them works, though I suspect it is compact, but the Siri voices don’t work for VO when I double tap them nothing happens. I have tried the male voice with Siri and that works. Is there a workaround?


#1 same for me

i thought it was my phone, same issues.

#2 Same

Same here. I can install the Indian Siri voice, but when I double tap on it after it's installed, nothing happens. I remember this happening in the past with other voices. Think it's a weird bug. Don't remember how it got fixed last time. Glad I'm not the only one

#3 hi

same with me...

#4 RE: New voices in iOs 13

As far as I know, the new female Siri voice is only available for US users at this time.

#5 their is a new female Indian

their is a new female Indian Siri voice available but unfortunately, I cannot set it as my VO voice.

#6 Where are you picking download from?

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I think you have to download it under Accessibility, Voiceover, Speech. If that's what you did, you may wish to try restarting your phone after you finish and see if it pops up.

#7 new siri voice

So does it work with voiceover? If so, I do not heard any difference when I use siri sounds like old siri. Same with my apple watch 3.