New zoom function

Since the latest IOS update I experience a lot of problems using the zoom function. I always used it on my iphones, otherwise i can't read annything. Now since the latest update you can choose for fullscreen zoom (which i strongly prefere) and partly screen zoom. If I choose the full screen zoom option, it want stay that way. It switches automatically to the half screen zoom.... Annybody having the same problems?



I use an iPhone 5s and I am not having that problem with zoom you are experiencing. If I three finger triple tap and select full screen zoom it says selected when I three finger double tap to activate zoom.

I'm glad to hear it works

I'm glad to hear it works well for you. Thanks for the triple tap, I didn't know that option. Thats easier than the option menu. But this problem isn't solve yet for me.

Not having that problem here

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I only use the Zoom function occasionally, but so far it has worked just fine every time I've used it. I also use the full-screen zoom option, and it always zooms the whole screen for me.

One idea, when you say it's switching to half screen, is that by chance when a text field is active? There is a new setting which allows you to exclude the on-screen keyboard from zooming, so that you can have a normal keyboard at the bottom of the screen while zoomed in on the text you're editing.

Half zoomed screen. Hate it.

Yes. I have iphone6s. Use the screen zoom all the time. The half zoom will not let me scroll to everything on the screen. Turn sideways provides left side, turn sideways the other way provided right side. This takes too much time, wastes battery, does not work on apps that don’t turn. Still won’t show bottom. No feature to read bottom of screen. This needs a fix.