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hello everyone, please help me find the creator software that can be accessed by voiceOver. I want to make a partitur for my visible friends. sorry if my english is bad. I'm using google translate. thank you for your answer.



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I've been using MuseScore. I've been using it as a low vision user with VoiceOver enabled. It's free software, so you could try it and perhaps it will work for you.

hello mister paul, first i

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hello mister paul, first i want to introduce myself. my name is DharmaPutra from indonesia. you have said musescore can be used by voiceOver users. but how to do it? Please help.

Try Syphony Pro

Symphony Pro is reasonably accessible with VoiceOver for writing a score. There are a numberr of keyboard shortcuts built in for use with VO. When first in the program hit OptionsKey+K to get into the Help mode to find these hotkeys.

The developer has been reasonably receptive to feedback on making this app accessible. That being said, it is a complex app with a fairly busy UI and could take some time to get used to. Not all aspects will be accessible with VO, but many aspects are accessible and the app is improving.

If you try it out let us know how it goes.


simphony pro?

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hello peter, what do you mean is simhony pro for iPhone? if yes, I have difficulty finding a shortcut on the keyboart.

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Here is a link to Symphony Pro on the app store: --Pete

hello peter...

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does the vitur apps have to be opened by subscribing?

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I don't understand your question. Symphony Pro is a paid app. I believe that there are some in app purchases that unlock some features. The current version in the app store is 5, but I believe version 6 should be a bit more accessible with VoiceOver when it comes out.

If you Google for notation software you will find several open source projects with free software that can be used for some purposes depending on what your needs are.


hello all

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Hello everyone, I want to ask again about making music notation for blind people. according to all of you, can garage bands be music notation software that can be used?