Notebooks in evernote, how to delete?

Hello! How to delete notebooks in evernote when I am using voiceover?


deleteing note books in ever note

First go to note books in ever note. Next double tap on the note book you want to delete. Next double tap on shortcuts. After double tapping on shortcuts double tap on edit then double tap on delete.

That doesn't work

When I click on shutcuts the edit button is gray toned. Wich version do you use? I am using the latest version.

I want move the notebook to the trash

Hello! Now I understand what do you mean Isaac, but I want the notebook to the trash, not only delete from shortcuts. So again, how to delete a notebook using Voiceover??

Ok. What I understand it

Ok. What I understand it doesn't go to delete notebooks using voiceover. I have to take help of a person who can see to do that if I need to do it. The app is not accessible with that feature.

Final info about notebooks in evernote

Hello! It seems to be an accessibility problem with evernote and the notebooks tab. I found an article about how to delete notebooks using ios devices. After clicking on the notebooks tab click on edit button. There should be a delete button after clicking on the notebook to delete. But voiceover doesn't detect this button. I have reported the problem to Evernote.