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Hi all,

has anyone experienced strange Facebook behaviour recently? Specifically, notifications are all messed up. It used to be the case that Facebook would send me a push notification when someone commented on my status, tagged me in a photo, sent me a friend request, also commented on a status that I had commented on, and that was about it. Now, the notifications are completely at random: 'Jack updated his status', 'Joanna changed her profile picture', 'Louise added a photo' and so on. It seems completely at random that this happens, so for example it won't tell me (thank god!) when all my friends update their statuses, add photos and so on. I just wish it would go back to how it used to be! Have I done something wrong? I hope so, then it can be put right. I doubt it though, as I can't remember changing anything, so has anyone else experienced all this?


Try deleting and re-installing

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Typically, this will fix any issues with regards to notifications. If that doesn't work, go into settings and check what notifications you are set to receive.

Same here

It does the same to me. It's only for people I'm following though. There is an unfollow button on people's profiles. Go to the profile of the person you get a notification for and unfollow them. This is not the same as unfriending them so you will still see their updates in your news feed. This worked for me.


That's great, many thanks to both of you. I will try as suggested, though how I have managed to follow anyone I have no idea! I was never asked about following people. funny, as it seems to suggest that a follower has a greater degree of intimacy than a friend, but that's a philosophical debate not for here I suppose.


In my experience, unfollowing a person will prevent them from showing up in my time line. It does not just suppress the annoying "So and So uploaded a new photo" notifications.

I agree

Yes, this is another thing which seems totally randomised. Do you use an alternative facebook client then?

Facely Hd or Facebook (depending)

I meant to reply sooner, sorry for taking a while I forgot about it. yes, if I do use Facebook I choose to use Facely HD. or Facebook. it really depends on what I'm doing. for me anyway, Facely HD is good for reading your newsfeed. I don't mind the native facebook app for everything else. its that newsfeed on the facebook app that makes me want to scream every time. I hate it. its very ergh!