Odd beeping when typing in message app

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I am getting an odd beeping sound each time I enter a letter in the message app. Sometimes it just plays the normal click sound, but most of the time it makes this annoying beep really loud. Any suggestions as to how to get rid of this annoying behavior? Thanks much.


Beeping update

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For what it is worth, the beep is a quick double beep sound, and it is in addition to the normal click sound made when typing.


If it kind of sounds like a bubble pop that means you're spelling the word incorrect. And it doesn't know that you're typing it correctly until you press the space bar. I don't know if I'm making any sense here but sinse I turned off auto correct that never happens again.

Blue tooth issue perhaps?

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Thanks for the suggestion. auto correct and all the other auto options were already off. however, I think this issue may only be occurring when I have my blue tooth headphones in, but not all the time with the headphones. any thoughts?

that's the only

When I reset my phone it was happening and like the phone doesn't know you're spelling the word correctly and when I turn off the auto correct it never happened again.

Try turning down the volume on your phone

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I have the same problem when I'm using my Bluetooth headset. It happwns when the volume, on the phone, is turned up to the max. If I go to the volume buttons and lowered by one, the beeping stops.
Hope this helps!

Volume beep

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Hey Chuck, I think you are onto something here. The sound is the same as when you try to raise the volume above max, that double beep, but lowering the volume on my phone doesn't make it stop. Still experimenting trying to figure out how to possibly squash this bug. If anyone has any ideas, let us know, thanks.