OS X Zoom and External Displays


I'm new to this forum, buy a long time visually impaired Mac user. I regularly give presentations for work and connect my MacBook Pro to an external display. I use the built in Zoom feature on OS X, but I DO NOT want the Zoom to show on the external display.... I'm pretty sure the ability to do this went away once I upgraded my Mac to Yosemite??

Prior to Yosemite I was able to use AirPlay to an AppleTV or connect to an external display via HDMI and the zoomed in screen on my MacBook was NOT replicated on the mirrored external display. This is exactly how I want ti to be,but now every time I try to connect to an external display the external display mirrors the zoom too....

Does anyone out there have a solution to this problem?



Good news!

It's 4 years since I posted this query (sadly there were no responses :-( ), but I was recently listening to an episode of Vector by Rene Richie where he was talking accessibility with Sarah Herrlinger from Apple. She specifically called out an upcoming accessibility feature that allowed connected displays to NOT mirror the zoom that is used on the primary display!!! For me this is like winning the lottery!! Here's a link to the podcast for those who are interested! : http://vector.libsyn.com/live-from-wwdc-accessibility-and-apple