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Good morning,

I am wondering if anyone out here considers themselves a totally blind YouTuber and can give me some tips and tricks when making videos. I do not want to rely on having a sighted person around when I want to make my videos so I want to learn how to be able to successfully make a accurate and clear enough video for my sighted users to be interested in. I am creating a channel which will show me doing things that are very visual so I won't be just sitting behind a desk. I want to know of any tips or tricks that I can use to help me make sure that I am in the view of the camera and what I am doing can be seen because that is very important to the interest of my youtube viewers. Are there any ways to know for sure that I I can clearly be seen in the video? I know that it is easier to do when taking pictures because of the guidance from voice over but there is nothing like that for taking videos. I am wanting to use my iphone and also my mac if necessary to do these videos. If you have a youtube channel that doesn't require you to sit behind a desk only your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks.



Submitted by TJT 2001 on Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I am not a YouTuber, but this is what I feel may be helpful.

1. Knowing whether you are in the view of the camera:

You should be directly in front of the camera. This means that if you plan to move around, you need to also move the device. It may be helpful to have another person move the camera and adjust it so that you are always in clear view.

2. What you are doing in the video:

Whatever you are doing in the video, you should always be clearly visible. Make sure the angle of the camera is directly pointing at you or what you are doing in the video. Also make sure that you are not unnecessarily fidgeting, squirming or doing anything else that you would not want others to see. Because you are a blind YouTuber, it will be harder for you to edit the video to edit out things that you are doing that you do not want to be seen doing, so try to minimise such things when recording the video. It may also be necessary to learn some basic editing techniques if you feel this may be useful for you.

Good luck, and tell us more about what videos you are making, your channel, etc.