Disable voice control iPod 5 iOS 8.1

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Warning: I'm a complete technophobe and am probably asking seriously dumb questions and am probably posting in completely the wrong forum!!

My son has managed to damage his iPod 5 by sitting on it and the Home button is now not working properly. He's managed to use an 'onscreen' home button, but the original button often thinks it's being held down permanently, so voice control keeps activating.

I've looked for tips to disable and am told to go on General>Turn passcode on>voice control, but there's no voice control button.

Does anybody have any idea what I can do (or where I should be asking this question!!)

Many thanks



Submitted by Blindnerd_90 on Thursday, October 30, 2014

You could try to disable Siri by going to: settings > general > Siri and then just turn off Siri.
Hope this works out for you.

Submitted by Number12 on Friday, October 31, 2014

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Thanks blindnerd. He's already turned Siri off - unfortunately, the iPod's own voice control activates too!

Thanks for trying to help though