help downloading uncompact voice for other language with iPhone

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I have an iPhone 4 and want to download british denial as well as Mexican paulina but my phone will not load the voice. I know it has the ability to load the hq voices because I already have hq US English Samantha. I heard that it could be the Verizon network, but I don't think that this is the case because my iPod will not load the Romanian or Arabic voices. If any one has a suggestion, or has experanced the same problem please let me know.



Submitted by Isaac Hebert (not verified) on Monday, May 6, 2013

Did you use iFile to download the voices?

Submitted by david hilton on Monday, May 6, 2013

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no I just used Wi-Fi I can look in to that I know of a person who un intentualy downloaded paulina while she was in Spanish language so I know that you can download the voices on iPhone that way I already hav hq Samantha on my phone so I know that, atleast it downloaded that voice correctly. Remember, I have this problem on my ipod which downloaded all the other voices I have tried with in three to five minuts. Thanks I will look in to that app.

Submitted by david hilton on Saturday, September 21, 2013

got it fixed in ios 7 what ever it might have, problem with the iphones receiving the hq voice. they have compleatley redesigned the voiceover settings in the iphone so all the voices load correctly. I do think this was a bug in ios 5 6 because I know a nother person who had the exact thing happen. apple must haveknown that there were some problems or improovments that they could with the iphone voiceover when they redesigned the voiceover's abilities. just wanted you to know that in ios 7 the problem is solved. I now have british and Australian voices on my iphone and am keeping the ipod in Spanish because the the version of the ipod is to old to download ios 7 butt it can still can load all the voices perfectly. I found that the Romanian and Arabic voices exist, the ipod and iphone would load them. as for the iphone they have changed thouse voices any way, and I never use thouse languages on either device tha=ey were just a voice test. the app menchend above is a app for hiding files fron prying eyes, I don't know why that would make a difference in loading the voices. thanks for your help, and your time. david Hilton

Submitted by david hilton on Saturday, September 21, 2013

the ipod doesent load the romanion or Arabic voices but, I never use ethouse languages on either device so no worry there. thanks for your help, and your time. david hilton

Hello, Please follow the following steps to download the high quality voices on iOS 7 for VoiceOver: Step 1: Go to your home screen and double tap on "Settings." Step 2: Double tap on "General." Step 3: Double tap on "Accessibility." Step 4: Double tap on "VoiceOver." Step 5: Double tap on "Languages & Dialects." Step 6: Double tap on "Add new language." Step 7: Choose the language you want, for example, British English, and then double tap on it. You'll then be returned to the previous screen. Step 8: Find the newly added language, and double tap on the "More info," button, which is located next to that language. Step 9: Turn "Enhanced quality," on. If its already on, turn it off and on again. This seems like a bug, at least on the iPhone 5. Then the high quality voice should begin downloading.

Submitted by david hilton on Tuesday, September 24, 2013

ipod is a 3 gen running ios 5.1.1 I just said that it would not load the voices because in an earlier post I had said that it had loaded the voices whitch was incorrect.