I have a question about a concept that I am not getting I guess you could say!!!

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Hello every one I hope someone will be able of helping me. I did take a member ship with with apple match and apple music and everything is just great, I just have one problem that I have try for 2 weeks to figure by myself and I guess I kind of give up.
you know I have my mini ipad 2 retna with the number nine, and a old ipod touch gen 4 version 6 dot something
and the rest are nanno five to seven
/at last yesterday I finaly understand the concept that when you add album to the library it match the songs and up load and when it is done by looking at the activity pop button what I do is remove the real album but keep the name of the songs right?
so far so good but I have a super big collection of music I am not far from finish but for exemple I have something like over 30 thousand songs mostly bought from iTunes but now when I want to change the songs on my regulars different nanno five six and seven
how do you do it in the sens that I have those thousand of name you know and let say I want to put 16 gg of music in the itune program just to replace my songs on my nanno I get confuse because I see all those name and with my poor memory I don't know what about if I forget , I can not possibly remember the 16 gb all the music that I want to put on my ipod nanno what would you suggest that would be the best officient to do this
thank you very much
captain tatman



Submitted by DPinWI on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A good way to manage what's on your nano is to put songs in a playlist. You can have a playlist of songs you want on the player. You can add to it when you think of something. If it is a duplicate, iTunes will warn you.

Submitted by captain batman on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

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I fell bad because I read a lot of post and you guys and girls seem to be so smart compare to me I must say and I don't put myself down I just say it the way it is I guess.
I think I understand what you say but maybe I didn't express myself right?
my delima or confusion is at this point, let say I am sitting at my pc , I open iTunes and just for the conversation let say itune tells me and this is just a number ok?
so let say I have it set up by album, and let say it say I got 1 thousand albums, but you understand that they are not really there, it is my library in the cloud right?
My hard copies of all my iTunes purchases are on my external hard drive, I know I am old fashion but don't laugh, what I did let say is to make a folder for each letter right?
so under A, you would see America asi audio slave and so on and B bob Dylan buck cherry and so on all the way to z with let say zz top
so I have nevere lost anything I never worry about this part.
but here I am a my pc and the itune tells me I have one thousand albums but they are not there right? so I have some nanno at 8 gb or 16 gb, but for the conversation let say I have the 8gb
and me how I always do it it is they only way I know, on the desk top I enter , well I have a music short curt right so I enter on music and than I type the letter I for itune and enter and than I enter on media, there I see like audio book or automatic something to itune so I enter on this one it open up right?
so let say I high light asi I copy to the clipboard and pace everything in the folder asia to the window open call automaticly add to itune and it does just that right? before it was easy because I started with a empty library but now with those one thousand name in the way, does it matter let say if I put in 5 gv of music in itune will all does name from the icloud libvrary, will they just be ignore by the nanno because the nanno don't have capability do deal with those, another word, just do as you did before and don't worry about those icloud name and when your nanno is full the eay you want I would do a select all and than Ipress the delete key but when it ask do you want tgo delete the song I go up aro and it will say remove download, this way the hard copie will be gone from the pc and the nanno will have ignore all those name of icloud library, or does it matter in regard to the duplicated that you talk about, is there something I should know how to do let say if I have I don't know let say I had a icloud album of alice cooper love it to death and I have put in the ard copie to put in my nanno when I remove the love it to death download will I end up with 2 icloud album of alice love it to death this is precisely what I guess I don't get.
if I did thisd just one time I would not worry but I am the kind of guy that play and change my nanno library about every few days so after a a short time I will have a lot of duplicate is this what you mean? if if yes what do I do about it?
thank you so much

Submitted by DPinWI on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I think you have found an interesting, but cumbersome way of doing things.

Here is what I would suggest.

I don't have my nano handy, so I may have somethings lightly off, but this should help you understand the basic concept, and with some exploring, you will figure it all out and have a much easier time of it.

I am like you, and I keep a second drive for music back up. That's all good. Keep doing that.

Even though you have iTunes Match, and your songs are in the cloud, they are still available to iTunes. I would not worry about using the Automatically add feature to do what you are doing.

so long as all your songs are in iTunes, even if they are in the cloud, adding them in with your method will introduce duplicates. iTunes will happily allow you to have many copies of the same song.

So, I would consider using a playlist in iTunes to move songs to and from your nano.

Create a playlist in iTunes by pressing Control + n. You can name it anything, but for now let's call it. "Nano Songs."

In your main iTunes view, select the Goes to Hell album, and press the application key. The exact key depends on your keyboard, but is usually the second key to the right of the space bar. JAWS also has a keystroke, and I think it's Shift +F10.
Arrow through the list and find Add to Playlist, and then arrow right and select Nano Songs.

Now Goes to Hell, an awesome album by the way, is in the playlist Nano Songs.

With your Nano connected, tab through iTunes, past the search box, and stuff like Movies, Music and such until you hear the name of your Nano, or iPod. Hit Enter
Tab until you hear Tree View Summary.
Arrow down until you hear Music
Hit tab to move to
the music screen. Make sure Sync Music is selected.
select Select to sync playlists, not entire library.
Tab until you hear Playlist tree view. and arrow down to the Nano Songs and hit the Space Bar.
Tab until you hear Apply Changes, or Sync. Hit Space bar.

Now, the music in your Nano Songs playlist will be copied to your nano.

Hit Control + 1 to return to your Music screen.

In the list of items after the search box where you find the iPod, you select playlists, you will see a tree view starting with Music that will also include your Nano Songs playlist.

If you select the playlist, you can go into it, and select and delete the Goes to Hell album when you want to remove it from your iPod. Deleting it from the playlist will not delete it from your computer, The next time you sync your nano, iTunes will remove it from the player.

You can go through your main music library in iTunes, and select albums, or songs, and using the same applications key method as above, add them to the Nano Songs playlist. Then, when you sync the nano, it will automatically add the songs you have added, and remove the songs you deleted.

When you get good at simple playlists, you can start having fun with Smart Playlists. In a smart playlist, you create rules that will select songs based on a variety of criteria. But that's for another day.

Submitted by captain batman on Thursday, December 17, 2015

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I have been slow to check my inbox because of someone very sick but I see I think 2 or 3 responses and I want to say thank in advance to the one that I did not read yet, it just happen that this one was the first, wow, it blow me away, I am going to be at least 1 to 2 weeks to digest it, I thank you so much, you see I live in the medle of nowhere and I love it but the down side, the only one for me is that I can not do like the city people to go to cnib or apple store and take a course, and all those years I wish I would have found this place, I did understand exacly what you told me but of course understanding something in a therorie kind of way if often not the same than actually doing it so my guess is I will be busy with this for 2 weeks, but I give you my word that when I have this your way under control I will make sure to make a post to tell you ok? so I will be absent of the site for a while but I will let you know thank you and I will read everyone response and talk about it another time thanks everyone. I am so happy .

Submitted by DPinWI on Friday, December 18, 2015

If you get stuck on something, feel free to ask. We're all in this together. Keep your stick on the ice.

Submitted by captain batman on Saturday, December 19, 2015

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Hello again, you know I have read and read and read again your instruction, but I think that we may have a miss understanding from the get go, maybe let me try it again and I am sorry by the way to bother you but I have been trying or working on it for over 24 hours and we must be misunderstanding each other. ok, you know I do understand and I actually know how to do all the step that you mention in the post but I am still puzzle with the issue. and I think maybe I didn't say it right, when you begin the post at the line that you propose a different way of doing it and you use words like from nanno to nanno but let me be maybe clear about something, and by the way I am only confuse since I have match, before I had no problem and let say if all my nanno wourld brake tonight, and I would have only my touch and Ipad I would not have a problem so my problem again is that when I open, no let's start from the real beginning, I know I may have done this all for nothing but it took me a good 3 month of work to do this, in my 3 thousand gb external external hard drive as I said I got all my music there never on the pc, maybe I was not clear on this, no real deal in the pc so when I payed my match I took the letter a for exemple and I have copy and pace the complete letter a in the automatic feature, so it mean the cd bought at walmart, from friends itune purchase I mean it went all in the pc in the itune program and I kept checking the activity buttum it eold me matching your songs to match and after a long long while I wwould see uploading your music ok, and than the activity button would not be there anymore right? when I was sure that the process was finish I would put it I mean the setting on songs instead of album and I would select all and I would puch the key delete and it was saying are you sure you want to delete those song but I was going up arrow it was saying delete download I enter on it ci could ear the beep beep and everything was gone to the recicle bind and I was actually taking the time to check and all my album no matter if they were itune or not were all there, but no more real album on the pc and I did this with all my letter until Z. so now I have a pc with god close to 80 thousand songs or idem as they say but no real album in there so I agree with you I know how to create a regular play list and I name it nanno song and I have no problem to make a I cloud tipe thing but the nanno six need the album in the itune and how will yu put the alice cooper in the program without putting it in the automatic thing, but just tell me like you do have to put a real album in the program right? that is the part I am confuse. and Imay has well be honest because I don't think I will get anywhere and I do want to learn your way but I don't get it.
me right now let's talk small stuff ok? so if I put one alice and one johnny winter and one genesis s let'say they are there for real I do what you say in a play list or not I mean they are there and I sink the ipod, and when it is done I delete everything, I don't think I end up with duplicate or at least I don'tthink I do, when I check if I have 2 killer album I still have just one album after I delete everything. I know I am missing something I hope you will be patient I understand every thing, but let's focus for the first or two first action. if you don't mind the rest is easy but how do I start or beguin the process? thank you so much and I will keep working ok? thanks

Submitted by captain batman on Saturday, December 19, 2015

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I should have wait ten minutes, I found something promessing but I will still work on this for a 3 or 4 days and will be back but I think I got it

Submitted by Seanoevil on Saturday, December 19, 2015

G'day DPinWI,

I just wanted to congratulate you on your post above. IMHO it is one of the best answers to a problem that I have read on this site. You managed to break down a complex question to it's core, detail an alternate method, build rapport with the initial Poster and offer follow up assistance. Brilliant.

Well done and thanks.


Submitted by DPinWI on Saturday, December 19, 2015

Thanks. You made my day.

Submitted by DPinWI on Saturday, December 19, 2015

It sounds like you may have had an Ah Ha moment. I hope so. iTunes is much easier to deal with once we understand how it wants to work. Sure, it would be nice if it worked how each person expects it to, but it doesn't.

I question your concern about having music stored on your PC. I store my music on my computer's internal drive, and back it up to an attached external drive. I currently do not use iTunes Match because my library is larger than Apple's limit. I am pretty sure that even though your tracks are "in the cloud," they can still be added to playlists and sync'd to your nano without you needing to use the automatically add function of iTunes.

Can you still see the songs in your music collection in iTunes?

Please let us know how you make out.

Submitted by captain batman on Wednesday, December 23, 2015

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Hello everyone and depin

I want to make this short, it is hard for me but let's try.
first I want you to know that one night I thought I had figure it out but not quite.
but I am working on it and will let you know I look forward to learn to do a smart list I have try often and it never work for me but this is for later.
You know right now what I would really like and I don't know if it is possible, about Match, I wonder if you can like starting from scratch?
I saw under my account that you can manage music and there is even a spot to say remove them all, I wonder if it really mean what it say.
meaning if I do remove them all it will remove all the songs or cds that were not purchase on itune do you think anyone that I have this right??


Submitted by DPinWI on Thursday, December 24, 2015

I am sorry, but I have zero experience with Match. I have more songs than it's limit, so I never tried it. i use my own external drives to keep myself backed up.

Maybe someone with more Match knowledge can help. Sorry.