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Hi. can anyone tell me if the I pod shuffle is easy to use and is good with voice over. thank you



Submitted by nohansa nuh on Sunday, January 31, 2016

verry accessible but, didn have VO, because does'n Have display, only one switch, ad the top and VO button for tell song title, and battery status.in front of the device only a dPat.

Submitted by dvdmth on Monday, February 1, 2016

The iPod shuffle has no visuals of any kind, so the experience for a blind user will be virtually identical to that of a sighted user.

Having said that, you do need to use iTunes to manage what is on the iPod shuffle, and although the app is accessible, some people don't like using the app because it can be tricky to figure out at times. If you are comfortable with iTunes, then you should have no problem with the shuffle.

Also be advised that the shuffle has very limited storage. Apple advertises 2 GB of storage, though you only get around 1.7 GB of space for actual music. The VoiceOver announcements for songs, playlists, etc. also take up some space on the shuffle.

I personally use smart playlists to manage what goes on my shuffle. Smart playlists are tricky to set up, but they are very powerful, and you can do all sorts of tricks with them. Alternatively, you can just tell iTunes to load tracks randomly from your library, either from the entire library or from a specific playlist. That is much simpler and is probably good enough for most users.

Oh, and one more catch. If you are asubscriber to Apple Music, you cannot load any tracks from the Apple Music service onto an iPod shuffle, since the shuffle has no way of authenticating your subscription. Only tracks you purchased from the iTunes Store, or tracks you imported from other sources (such as CDs) can be put onto the shuffle.

The main reason why I like my iPod shuffle is that I can press a button at any time to find out what is currently playing. By contrast, if I am listening to music on an iOS device, I have to wake it up and locate the information on the screen, which is less convenient. On the other hand, my iPad has a lot more storage, and it can play all sorts of audio that the shuffle cannot, so there are tradeoffs.