iOS 7 Jailbreak Coming Soon?

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Previous iOS updates (excluding iOS 6.1.3 and 6.1.4) have seen some great jailbreaking modifications to the specific OS. Now, with iOS 7, users are anticipating one of the best jailbreaks in history. The news about hackers getting closer and closer to releasing it are only making more consumers enthralled by this development. The expectations for this jailbreak are nonetheless higher than past jailbreaks with the new design and features implemented into Apple's latest OS. The question right now is: when? MuscleNerd, Saurik, and others say that this project is imminent, but just how imminent? MuscleNerd tweeted earlier this month about iOS 7.0.1 not causing a threat to the work they have thus far. He's now tweeted that iOS 7.0.3 could cause some issues for some of the work created by other jailbreakers. Apple has recently caused some hurdles with hackers, specifically the iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4 mess, and they could be doing the same thing with 7.0.3. With all these little pieces surfacing, it is hard to tell if the jailbreak will come out by 2013. My best suggestion right now is to either stick with an earlier iOS version (if you haven't upgraded already) or just continue reading up on the news about the development of Cydia.