iPod's battery is stuck at 52%

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Hi. The weird stuff always seems to happen to me. Earlier today, for whatever strange reason, my iPod reported that it needed to cool down before i could use it, like it was overheating or something. I felt it and it didn't seem to be so I left it alone for a little while and it seemed to be ok again. It's plugged into AC power but the battery seems to be stuck at 52% and won't go any higher than that. Or at least, it reports that, it may actually be going higher and might be fully charged by now but its not saying so. I know, the weird stuff that nobody can explain always happens to me, right? Has anyone else heard of this happening, and if so, how can i get the battery status to read correctly, or fully recharge the battery? I should note that earlier today it was down to about 20% so I plugged it in for obvious reasons. So any ideas are helpful! I did try turning the iPod off and back on, and even did a reset by holding the home button and lock buttons in simultaneously. and I'm running iOS 6 on it now too. Thanks.



Submitted by Toonhead on Sunday, September 23, 2012

It turns out it was a charger that had gone bad. I have a couple extras lying around, and plugging one of them in seems to have solved that little issue. I'm not sure why the first one failed because when you plug it in, it acts like it's working, but it doesn't. You hear the little chirping sound and it acts completely normal. i'm just glad this other charger works. My iPod's battery is fully charged again.