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Hello and good day everyone

again I want to say thanks to everyone that send me some good advises.
But my post is address to everyone and DPinWI .
You know DPinWI , I just about got what you did teach me about putting album on play list and so on. after this letter I will be working on my second nanno.
but look, for years and years I have wanted to created a smart play list and I never did it with success. what it tells me is always the same I have put stuff that conflick with everything and chances are that this will never add any song to my smart play list.
And you know in regard to play list I am pretty good, let say I do regular play list, I do genius play list and of course the genius mixt and the play list from selection.
but never had any luck on the smart list.
and I did a lot of reading but I must say that I don't learn very good from official manuel.
Would you mind in your own word tell me step by step if it is possible how to at least make a simple play list?
I think that I have done one with success but what was the point? I think I had writing the name of let say alice coopere in all the box so I think I ended up with only alice music.
if it is possible to let say say.
1. you do this
2. you do that
I would really appreciate it, but if you want to say it in your own word it is ok. anything from anyone would be really appreciated.
Usually I do a search with the subject because I am sure that someone some where did ask the same question, but since you had offer to talk to me about it another time I would like it if the time was now.
and I thought to put this under general chat to not put repete stuff on the other more specific matter.
I hope my thinking was ok.
well thank you in advance.
and by the way I did a lot of recherché on match and how to manege it and I feel pretty good about it.
so now I want to put all my nanno full of stuff that I have like for 30 years and I know I will like until the day I poass on. so, this way I will not touch them anymore, and I guess that some day they will brake right? and from now on I am planning to have maybe just one nanno if so and go just for something sellular like a ipad.
I am not into phone, I did have at one time a selular phone when they came out at first but for me I don't know having a phone and having people to reach me anywhere is not a plus but it is just me and you never know I may change my mind.
but the way I see my future since music is my passion, I would like something selelur, I know you can get ipad seleler I don't know about ipod touch.
and my big news is that in the country we were stock with satellite internet, that is all I could really have the money for high speed internet though I tell you it is not the best.
but Greg told me that when you look outside, somewhere in the field you can see a tower so high full of light so the plane don't get it I guess and it is full of dish and I don't really know what it mean but we have the choice of 3 package and the best is 500gb and 25 g I think it is about speed.
the 2 other choice are ten g and 250 gb and the smallest is 5 g and 100 gb.
and the biggest plan is only 99 a month and now I pay 80 dollars for 50 gb and I can not listen a film that I purchase on itune from the cloud, so that is why I say that the satellite is not so good and expensive.
I am suppose to get this before the 19 of January.
sorry for the long letter.
and the best for the new year to all of you boys and girls, I wish you the best for everything.



Submitted by DPinWI on Thursday, December 31, 2015

Smart playlists are a way of creating lists that both select and update their own contents.
Let's create a simple one. I want a list that picks songs from my favourites, that I have not listened to recently.

This assumes I have a play list, the regular kind, that contains songs and albums I have already added. These are my favourites, and the list is named that.

Press Control + ALT + N to create a new smart playlist.
A dialogue box will open. You will be placed somewhere in the box. It seems where you will be placed is random, so you will have to tab around the box to figure out where you are.

The first selection is started, and it has a combo box for artist. Let's change that to playlist. Press P, and then if you need to use your up and down to find Playlist.
tab to the next section and it is set to "is". That's fine.
Tab again and you will be in the playlist selection field. This is where things may be tricky. I'm going to assume you have JAWS.

JAWS on my system will not read this playlist field correctly. I use JAWS Key + NUMPAD minus to route JAWS to PC. Then, I can use the arrow keys to read the letters. It takes some fiddling, but by moving using the PC cursor to change the value, and the JAWS cursor to read it, you should be able to find the Favourites playlist you previously created. That's the hardest part and i used it in this supposedly simple demonstration because it may be a sticking point. and you need to know how to do it.

Once you have the playlist selected, use the NUMPAD Plus key to make sure you are back to the PC cursor, tab to Add and hit enter.

You will be in an edit field of a new selection line. Shift Tab back twice to Artist, and press L for Last Played.
Tab once and use the up and down arrow keys to select "Is not in the last"
Tab and enter a number. By default, 1 will be entered. Let's leave it.
Tab and hear "days." Use your arrow up and down to change it to Month.
Tab to hear 25, and tab to hear Items, and then tab to hear Selected by random.
This means your playlist will select songs from your Favourites list, that have not been played in the last month, and limit this to 25 songs, that are selected by random. You can play with the limits to select by albums, oldest songs, a specific size of a playlist so it fills up your Nano, and all sort of things.
Tab to Live Updating and leave it checked. You want the playlist to change automatically as you play songs on the nano and then sync it to iTunes for new songs.
Tab past Help to Okay and hit enter.
You will be prompted to supply a name for the playlist. Let's call it New list.

Now, you can use the same tools you use to add playlists to your nano to add this new smart playlist to the nano.

That's a basic smart playlist. By experimenting with the fields you can find new ways of selecting content. You can use the All or Any selections to get more creative.


Tab past the add, remove, and group stuff until you hear a check box for limit. Hit space to check the box.

Submitted by Orinks on Thursday, December 31, 2015

The previous post describes the steps to create a smart playlist quite well. Does anyone recall a website where people would share smart playlist ideas? Now there is for sharing regular playlists, but I do recall a site where people would share smart playlist ideas.
I share my playlists publicly if you're a member of Apple Music, you can add them to your playlist library. I also suggested to apple about being able to share a smart playlist, so that if people don't like my favorites playlist I can create specific genre playlists and have them automatically update once I add a song or album that is that particular smart playlists genre to my favorites.

Submitted by DPinWI on Friday, January 1, 2016

I saw a place like you suggest years ago when I was seeking a way to make a specific kind of smart playlist. I wanted to limit the number of songs by any artist in a playlist. In the previous smart playlist creation example, an artist with a disproportional representation in the original Favourites playlist, is likely to be over represented in the smart playlist. I wanted a way to have no more than say, 2 songs from any single artist. I have yet to succeed.