Should I install a beta release of iOS on a faulty iPhone?

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Hello! I had crosse to other selular company in israel. My question is: if i want fix a devise that find in fixes service, can i install beta version of IOs? It's will strike in my ability to fix my device. It's iPhone6 that not be cover in factory warnty. Thanks for your replies.



Submitted by Fatima.Hamoud10 on Friday, February 3, 2017

Do not install beta software on the iPhone 6 if it is broken. I would suggest taking it in to an Apple store. Also, you can contact @AppleSupport for further assistance. If nothing works and your iPhone isn't covered under warrantee, you need to purchase a new iPhone from your carrier. Hope this helps and good luck!

Submitted by Dawn πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ¦― on Friday, February 3, 2017

Please do not install beta software on a faulty phone! I'd still be causious on installing sofware on there phones or other devices. If your phone wasn't faulty then I'd tell you to go ahead but to backup first so you have a backup of a privious version.

Id also tell you to do it if it's not a standard phone what you don't use every day. But based on what you've said, I'm highly suggest you not put beta testing on your phone.

Submitted by david s on Friday, February 3, 2017


Since it’s out of warranty, installing beta or release software will not make any difference. If the device is faulty, installing beta software will not make the device run better. Also, it might get a little frustrating to figure out if the problem is a beta bug or the faulty phone.

But from what I can make from your post, you have an iPhone 6 that was just fixed. Is that correct? If the release IOS works fine on it, then installing a beta version should not be a problem. The important thing to remember is only install beta software on a secondary device. Meaning it should be a device that you can live without for a few days while you fix it.

HTH and good luck.

Submitted by Lielle ben simon on Friday, February 3, 2017

Hi, no, my iPhone 6 isn't folty. it works fine, i asked for the next fikxes. Thanks for your replies.