Voice Dream writer and iCloud with Jaws

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Hi Everyone,
Last night, I successfully wrote something on Voice dream writer on my Orbit reader 20 Braille display and wanted to view it on my Win 10 PC using Jaws 2019 but I didn't want to create a word document as I want this partcular file to sink with Icloud and changes to be viewable on both Iphone and Pc.
So my Question is has anyone used Icloud recently and is it Jaws friendly? Were you able to view your files from Voice dream correctly on your PC did they sink properly and how do I get started with Icloud on the PC.
Also does the spell check in VDW work just like in word where it gives you corrections for the mispelt word.
I appreciate there is a podcast on here but as I am learning with a Braille display it goes too fast.
Thanks all



Submitted by Daniel MacDonald on Sunday, October 20, 2019

to get iCloud on Windows 10, go to the windows store and such for iCloud. It is a windows universal app, thus does not work the same as a desktop app. JAWS reasonablely woks with iCloud bot you have to sign in to it using your Apple ID and password.
hope this helps, and comment if you have any more questions,

Submitted by Chantal Hampson on Monday, October 21, 2019

Hi Daniel and everyone else,
I really do appreciate all your help.
Ok last night I firstly downloaded I cloud and signed in with my apple ID, however all Jaws is saying is check box but no description of what the check boxes are meant for, it looks as if they haven't veen labeled for a screen reader user.
Equally, how do I access my Voice Dream writer files that are in the I cloud and can I edit them within the cloud?
Many thanks once again

Submitted by sockhopsinger on Monday, October 21, 2019

I would also contact JAWS since iCloud is a somewhat known program (insert sarcasm here). Ask them what's up with the accessibility and describe your program since it may not be Apple that's causing your issue.