Our new game Super Tile Smash

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We have just launched our first Accessible IOS game.
It is a sound rich puzzle game that has many tile sets and sound theme which
makes it playable by anyone with any level of eyesight.


This is our first game and as such all feedback is very welcome.
for all news and updates see our Twitter feed


Hello and thank you for

App Developer

Hello and thank you for playing the android version.

There is no ios version I simply cannot afford to give away apps
and games.

Thank you

I don't quite understand.

I bought the game a few days ago and I'm thoroughly hooked. I play the normal game in easy mode with tile description only. My question is, sometimes when I destroy a couple of tiles, there is a chord played. other times its just the bleating sound with no chord. I'VE also noticed that I can sometimes destroy a whole bunch of tiles in like five moves, provided they are all musical. Is there something in that? The other thing I'd like to know is, sometimes there are clumps of two or more numbered tiles, yet when they are unresponsive when I try to destroy them. Apart from all that, great game.

The game is really nice

The game is really nice and not that expensive. Also, paying just a small amount makes a sort of contribution to the game and I usually purchase paid version if it is worth buying.

the lost mode

While playing the game on iOS, I've noticed the above mentioned bug: when one is on the lost mode screen, the gesture of going back with two fingers doesn't work. I suggest when the message appears, an "ok" button should be next to it just to leave the screen and begin playing. Now, one should close the app from the app switcer and open it again. Also please enable the easy mode turned on for ever. Many thanks for your efforts!


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I have not read the help file in a while but you can just tap the text that says you lost
to return to the menu.
There is also a share to button at the bottom of that screen.

Thank you.

a little question

Hello. Still loving the game, just have a question. Is there a way to change the voice in the game, because now I have a swedish voice that is talking way fast. Or if there is a way to get VoiceOver to read this?

easy mode

I have realized that the easy mode turns itself off when I have been playing with it and reopen the game. Not sure if this is a bug or not.

Hello Sabrina

App Developer

Hello Sabrina
Firstly thank you for submitting the word finder game to the app directory.

The super tile smash game uses the default TTS language to speak.

The speech rate is something that could be an option in the menu.

As for the Easy mode not being saved this is a bug and will be fixed
as soon as i can get round to it.

Thank you for the feedback and support.

Oooooh! It is version 2.2!

App Developer

This version has just been posted to the app store so it will be sometime before it is
available to play, allowing for any apple rejections that is.

Fix for onwards extra life bug
Game grid can now be set to different sizes.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who bought the game
and for the wonderful feedback and support.

What about my bug?

Have you made any progress in addressing the comment I posted above?

So much better.

Hi John. Just wanted to say how much more of a joy this game is to play now that the easy mode is fixed, and there are no more fantom clusters up for distruction. So much easier to play. Thanks.


App Developer

The ability to parse levels with any level of accuracy or competence is beyond
the scope of the game.

I am trialing a few simple rules to ensure that the no win scenario is minimized
but it is a trade of between speed and memory constraints as this has to be done
on the fly during puzzle creation.

This will probably not see a release for some time.

Thank you

An intermediate solution

I understand the complexity of this. Something that it would be possible to do fairly easily is to ensure that there is at least more than one of each color, or otherwise to have a "special tile" in a row below the solitary color. Of course, this would make the game a little easier, but it would prevent the problem of the level being unsolvable.

Question about App Store rating

I also have a question about the rating for the game in the App Store. Why is the game listed as having "Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor"? I haven't seen this in the game.

I have just managed to send

App Developer

I have just managed to send another build to the app store
after rejecting several builds my self due to issues with the new grid size feature.

No doubt i have missed several bugs so i will wait for the feedback and then
bundle a no win solution into the next release.

Thank you for your interest in the game


App Developer

The rating is due to the sound scheme guts.
I will always go for a higher rating as it is then up to the user
to make that choice.


I have played this game since release. Now, when I can change grid size I love it even more.
I have a problem though. When I use touch explore, I cannot see the tiles, but if I swipe I can. I am not using the swiping gesture because I think it easier to use touch explore.
Is this a bug or how it is supposed to be?


Sorry I didn’’t see your post.
I love the fact you can make a large grid and it will be even better after the update.
It can even make the game even more challenging and I like that.
My favourite game is the Breakdown game. And the onwards game.

Thank you

App Developer

I am glad you like the game
and that it works for you.

A problem I have forgotten to report

For some reason, when playing the game, don't know what grid size right now, I cannot use touch explore but I can find the tiles by swiping and I cannot rely on swiping because I am used to touch explore.

no I don't.

Occationally I will find something but that is just one out of 100 times. If that ever happens.

Yes, it does. Should I

Yes, it does. Should I reinstall the game? I will do that and see if that helps.

If using the app switcher

App Developer

If using the app switcher works then you should not need to uninstall the app.

does not work

Nothing changes when I close the app from the app switcher. I have tried creating a new game and I have tried reinstalling it and I still return the same results.

I assume the game worked

App Developer

I assume the game worked before this problem?

The game works on 11.4x

The game has not been updated in a while so I am at a loss
as to what is wrong.

What game settings are you running the game on?

I guess you have run this

App Developer

I guess you have run this with a lower grid setting?
What device are you having the trouble with?
iphone,ipad or both?

Many Thanks

iPhone se

I have the biggest grid size. And am running iOs 11.4.1 on an iPhone SE.

I guess the screen resolution

App Developer

I guess the screen resolution is too low to run the highest grid setting.
from memory the highest grid is 19 by 18 and a SE screen resolution is about 320 pixels wide so it maybe too small to run on that model at the grid size.

Has this always been the case or has it recently started this behavior?


I fixed it. I put the grid size back to four x five and now it works again.
I have been missing this.
My highest level is 13. My lucky number.