outlook 2010 for IOS and VO

My organization is planning to switch to Office 365 . There is an IOS application called Outlook 2010. Is this ap voice over over compatible?


Outlook 2010

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Not certain exactly how your shop is set up but we have also gone to using Office365 at my organization. tTypically, we can either use something called the OWA to access our email by the web or connect your IOS device in using the Exchange. You can use the IOS Mail that comes with your device to link up with with your Exchange Server but it is very limited. I use something called: OMP, Outlook Webmail for iOS http://www.applevis.com/ios-app-directory/business/omp-outlook-webmail-ios It works very well and does what I need it to do. So as for your question. You say there is an IOS app called Outlook 2010? I would double check on exactly what this exactly. I failed to find anything just called Outlook 2010 and is it made by Microsoft themselves or is it a 3rd party? Just because I can't find it doesn't mean it isn't out there. My App Search with my device is for some reason isn't showing everything that I know is out there at this time. Not certain why that is. Anyhow, do you have a link for this particular app you are discussing about? All in the end. I'm not certain if anyone here would be able to answer your question without knowing what kind of set up your company is using. So I would ask if you will have Microsoft Exchange to run your Office365 or you are using the Online version? Also, ask them for advice if you will need an actual Exchange client to read your email or if they are only providing you some sort of IMAP account to access your email? So hopefully someone else might have the answers that I have failed to provide nor know? Perhaps? Thanks.

Thanks for the message. I

Thanks for the message. I have a little more information since my last post. In Feb or March of 2013. Microsoft will release IOS and Android client software to connect with Office 365. I'll follow your suggestions until then.