Papa Sangre crashing when trying to select a level

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i'm glad that papa sangre is now iOs compatible. however if you want to select a certan level the app closes and you're back on your home screen. is anyone else experiencing this issue? maybe it will be fixed in the next update.


Sadly this may never be fixed

Hi! I had the same problem when I played the latest version of Papa Sangre the other day, but I assumed I'd accidentally hit the Home button. Luckily for me, as i'd just reinstalled the game and had to start it again anyway, the Begin button did what I wanted. As for having this problem with selecting levels fixed, I don't know when that will ever happen: before this update was released, Somethin' Else, the developers of Papa Sangre, announced that they would only release one more update of their IOS audio games before giving up IOS audio game development. So it seems pretty likely that any issues with the new version of Papa Sangre will remain as long as the app continues to work. I know this isn't the reply you would have wanted, but I write it based on what I've read elsewhere.


I figured out how to get it to work. It's not an ideal solution, but we need to find work arounds! Find the select level button by drawing your finger on the screen, turn VO off, and tap where you think that button is. Then turn VO back on again, and if you find a couple unlabeled buttons plus a next button, that's where you need to be. The levels are not labeled at all, so if you've memorized them, then you should be good to go!
HTH, and good luck!

wow. i really hope somethin

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wow. i really hope somethin else does not give up on audio games entirely. but at least papa sangre ii works. i want to create apps myself and i will make sure they are accessible and fix every issue so people can enjoy them.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy papa sangre and the night jar. It's just that little select level thing. It's really no big deal!

It's true that Papa Sangre

It's true that Papa Sangre and the night jar crash whenever you're trying to select a level, but I'm just happy they work at all! The forever crashing thing is really a minor annoyance, but thankfully there is a workaround!