Password and credit card security apps?

Hello everyone, A couple of weeks ago I posted a question about password and credit card security apps that I could use to keep all my passwords and credit card numbers secure. A couple of people responded but I still have not got anything that is suitable. I did download Keeper but it's too complicated. All I need is something with a password on the front end and some ready made accessible forms to input computer passwords and the credit/debit cards I have and to get them quickly when they are needed. Does anyone use such a thing? I'm happy to pay a couple of pounds (or a couple more dollars than that) but I don't want to start shelling out money unless I know an app is accessible and it will do what I want. Thank you, Steve.


#1 Tap Forms

Hi Steve, You might want to look into the Tap Forms application. This app comes with forms for storing all types of info, and even lets you design your own. It allows you to set a passcode for accessing the app, and even allows you to encrypt the database if you wish.

#2 Thank you Bill, brilliant!

Hello Bill, I've just been playing with your recommendation for the last half hour and it's great. I've checked out the security and set a code and produced one credit card form, all accessible. Thanks again, Steve.

#3 pass book

Have you thought about using last pass or pass book.