Perks pretty cool game for iphone and android

Hello, before I get in to what I am about to discuss with you all, let me introduce my self to you. My name is Stephen, some of you may no me on facebook's blind IOS users group, some of you may know me from somewhere else on the web. Lets face it, the blind community isn't really that big. I am 24 years old and I reside in BC Canada. I have been using apple devices since voiceover became a thing. I tend to go for apple because of not only the accessibility behind their products, but also the huge potential it brings to do things on the same level as our sighted peers. For example playing games. Witch leads me to why I am writing to you all today. I have come across something I think to be absolutely phenomenal. There is a website called If you guys haven't herd of it, it is a sight where you can play games, watch videos and basicly do a tun of things on your iphone, witch can get you points. These points can be converted in to real money. Now, upon hearing this, one would think think one thing and have one question. The thing: "scam". I can assure you it is no such thing. I have friends who use this and they are pretty happy with the outcome of I use it also. The question: Is it even accessible? Some of there apps arn't, but surprisingly, there perk tv and there pop quiz app is very accessible. It has some kinks, but I think you all will really enjoy this. The perk tv app is straight forward, watch videos, get points. But I will post about that one later if you guys want. My reasoning for posting is the pop quiz app. I have been playing with this thing for hours, and let me tell you, it has to be some of the most fun I am having on the iphone! With sounds, and quizzes to endlessly enjoy, there is much fun to be had with this app. Oops, I also forgot to mention, you can connect it to your facebook and challenge anyone on an android, or an iphone. Why am I posting this here and not in the apps section? Well, I have a Referral link if you guys would be so kind to sign up under that link to get the apps. I earn when people join

But you can also just go to and sign up.

Don't worry, this is all free.
The pop quiz app is very easy to use, in the main menu you flick around. Now, once you click on, lets say tv, you should touch the middle of your screen to get to the sub list. From there you can flick around until you find the option you want. Once in a game, all you need to do is slide your finger from top to bottom on the screan with the home button facing down. The top portion of the screen will have the question, then right under that you will have 4 options in a row to choose from. Remember, slide, don't flick. It is seriously that easy. Please let me know if you have any questions and if you all would be so kind to sign up under my link you have a big thank you!!
I don't speak out allot because it takes allot to impress me, but perk has really impressed me with this pop quiz app. If I post about something, it's worth writing home about.


where's the catch?

Hi, OK so you can convert points to real money, but first off what do the makers of the game get out of this, I mean the real money has to come from somewhere, and when we say real money I assume we're talking about some insane number of points just to earn 1 dollar or £1 inn my case lol, I mean for the amount of time you have to invest in using the app to get any money is it really worth it?


They get paid threw adds. So some times before a game starts they will have an app display on the screen for a few seconds. What ever company made the app that's displayed pays perks advertising fees. There is also other offers displayed threw out the sight, and again what ever company it is pays them advertising fees. I hope that makes some sense. As for is it worth it, I guess that would depend on what you want it for. I honestly just like playing games, searching the web and doing different things to gain more points and yes, they can add up pretty quick depending on what you do and how long you do it for. But I mainly posted this here because it is an accessible game that hasn't been posted. The only way you can play it however, is if you sign up threw the sight. :) But the points are a nice bonus to.

You could always submit this

You could always submit this to the ios app directory if it has an app?
so regarding the points do you cash them in for real money? and if so, any idea how much you have made? would this be open to me as a non US citizen?


Well, I could, but then I couldn't post my link :D. I am pretty sure you can cash out at 5000 points. Some times I leave it and use the points for other things :). I'm not sure if it would, probably, where do you live?

Lol that's rather lazy and

Lol that's rather lazy and selfish saying I can't post my referral link so therefor I won't post this as an app directory entry, hell I will then if I can use it.because its not good if things like this are found then not posted.
you could post it as an entry then put your link just in the comments rather than in the actual description or actual app entry.
Besides if you just leave this as a forum topic its probably going to be forgotten much quicker than if you went to the trouble of creating an entry.
I am in the UK.


You are probably right lol. I would be selfish if I didn't write "But you can also just go to and sign up." I'll give you the lazy one, as of righting this, I am totally lazy lol. But ya, I could post it in the app directory. It should work for you in the UK :)

,i'll try this again, but

,i'll try this again, but honestly I'm @not finding it very accessible. I can't even sign up. I'll keep on trying though. . By the way, I don't think you can enter this into the app directory, since it's not an app. I guess Appllevis needs a website directory lol

They do have a pop quiz app,

They do have a pop quiz app, so you might add that. How do I enter the referral code so I can get my points? f

are you talking about your

are you talking about your referral code or the one that I posted? If you just click on the link that I posted here then you don't have to enter any code as it is linked to the link :).

Yes it is an app. If you can

Yes it is an app. If you can't get them to send you a link via text message to download the app, just go to the app store and search perk. From there you will find pop quiz :). If you already have the app, what problems are you having with it? I might be able to help :).

If you all are having trouble

If you all are having trouble using perk then maybe I will set up a conference thingy with TT or something showing you guys how to use it. I would do a podcast, but I don't really have good recording equipment for that. So if we do do a TT conference, I would give you guys permission to record it then post it.

Also Ken, if your talking

Also Ken, if your talking about posting your code somewhere, click on the invite friends link on the website and your link for others to click on will show :)

Last comment I promise.until

Last comment I promise.until someone else posts that is, in order to register, try using the website on the safari browser or even better register on the computer if the safari browser doesn't work with the sight that well.

I had real trouble verifying

I had real trouble verifying my email address, the email just didn't read on the computer in thunderbird and in the end I had to view it on the iPhone. signing up was not a pleasant experience, I actually gave up with the referral code, sorry but I kept going round in circles. got signed up eventually using the app.


oh, I don't use thunderbird or a mac computer, I'm using windows with nvda, firefox and a gmail account. Sorry you ran in to some trouble. At least you got it working though :).